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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Parasite Giardia

Parasite Giardia

One way of infecting homosexual men was the transmission of HI viruses with flagellates of the type Giardia lamblia as the carrier. Giardia protozoons are known as carriers of retroviruses. 

Giardia protozoons may contain the retrovirus HIV. Generally, they are harmless intestinal parasites. They can spread through drinking water, food, and swimming pools. The emergence of these parasites among homosexual men in New York was reported in 1968 and it was emphasized that the Giardia were capable of accommodating other microbes.

The giardiasis disease was reported in San Francisco in 1971 for a homosexual man. In 1976, 72% of the sexually active homosexual men in New York suffered from gastrointestinal complaints. In 1978 it was 19%, in 1979 it was 18% of those examined who were affected 1980, 13% in Toronto, Canada and before 1988, 14% in Copenhagen.

In the USA capital of Washington on the other hand, homosexual men were not afflicted more than other persons. These persons infected almost always ended up with HIV: out of 40 men in San Francisco who were known to have giardiasis, 38 probably have gotten the HIV infection.

Since the Giardia/HIV attack occurred shortly before the immunodeficiency caused thereby, the infected homosexual men developed particularly effective resistance to Giardia.

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