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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Diagnosis: Lichen planus / Human immunodeficiency virus infection / Wart Condyloma acuminatum

Diagnosis: Lichen planus / Human immunodeficiency virus infection / Wart Condyloma acuminatum

According to Tanzanian Reverend Babu Ambilikile Masapila, the 'Loliondo drink' could cure practically all forms of human ailments including Cancer, Diabetes, and HIV-Aids, something which is not yet scientifically proved. But what we scientifically can prove is the fact that the male sex hormone dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA is one of the best agents against Aids.

DHEA a natural hormone against Aids

Surprisingly, knowledge is delivered on the value of the male sex hormone  DHEA. This hormone is a well-known hormone that is helpful and fundamental for good health, not only is a growth stimulator, but also as a growth regulator. 

It has a strong controlling effect against abnormal cell proliferation because the enzymes necessary for the metabolism of DHEA are found in almost every tissue of the human body. This means, according to Van Dongen, that the name ‘sex hormone’ actually is a wrong or contradicting name for this hormone.

Next to many other functions in the body of males and females, has a blocking effect against the damaging effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Protecting DHEA-receptors have even been found on immune competent cells throughout the body, including the brain. This hormone helps individuals to cope with social and physical stress because it helps to prevent a negative effect on the hippocampus function of the brain.

This is extremely important for HIV/AIDS patients. It helps the healing process and improves the state of mind. Given in the right dose, it cannot be refrained from in the natural fighting off the HIV/AIDS virus. It induces an improvement of the anabolic growth factor, increases muscle strength and strongly activates the immune system. 

It raises the quality of life by providing a strong working against the HIV/AIDS virus. But again Van Dongen discovered to his bewilderment and a great surprise that DHEA was prohibited by the American Government in 1985, despite the fact that it’s a normal natural hormone protecting us against diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Sugar and Sulfur a remedy against HIV/AIDS

Now another helpful medicine against HIV/AIDS is described. A chemical bonding between sugar and sulfur, under the name dextran-sulphate, causes an extraordinary strong blocking of the HIV/AIDS virus according to Van Dongen. This substance has been on the free market in Japan since 1963 and circulates in the west only in a non-legal circuit.

The code name of dextran sulphate is UA001

It is known for its anti-coagulating and anti-lipemic (helping to regulate the level of lipid in the blood.) When in 1985, pharmaceutical researchers Moelling and Diringer discovered that dextran sulphate, (UA001,) was very effective in fighting the HIV/AIDS virus, they filed a patent application for the substance, which also in 1985 was granted by the German Max Planck Gesellschaft.

The Japanese researcher S. Kueno and the American scientist D.I. Abrams in 1986 found proof of the efficacy dextran sulphate against the HIV/AIDS virus. In 1987 the Drug Development Committee of the Natural Institutes of Health (NIH, USA,) in connection with representatives, the American government has discussed the experiments that Kueno and Abrams have conducted with dextran sulphate in the Abrams-clinic of the general hospital of San Francisco.

It was borne out from these experiments that just after eight weeks the healing effect of the substance was shown in a population of white homosexuals. But when Abrams himself, according to Van Dongen, discouraged the research against this natural and harmless medication against the HIV/AIDS virus, by stating that “Lymphocyte subset analyses were not significantly affected,” it did not take long before treatments with dextran sulphate disappeared from the medical scene (please see also note 1 at bottom of the page.) 

So it seems the American medical authorities again that started downplaying a highly promising HIV/AIDS medicine. So, the Drug Development (Mafioso) Committee of the Natural Institutes of Health, as an extension of the pharmaceutical industry did the job thoroughly.

The German pharmaceutical chemist Moelling, who as we saw before, was involved in discovering the therapeutic value of dextran sulphate against the HIV/AIDS virus, wrote a few remarkable sentences in the Deutsche Aerzteblatt, the official German medical journal, indicating the troubled state of affairs the regular research into the effects of dextran sulphate had ended into a black male nurse, from San Francisco. 

Nicknamed ‘The Dextran Man,’ he was roaming the country selling the substance, which can be obtained by the black market in Canada, or legitimately from pharmacies in Japan. This is the end of any controlled study on the efficacy of the substance.

Johan van Dongen's conclusion

It may be interesting in some future articles to delve into the causes of the HIV/AIDS medicines suppression more deeply. It is of course highly saddening to see that Mafioso medical authorities have generally denied talking about the real causes of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

But it became almost unbelievable that these same authorities have denied the people a cure for HIV/AIDS. The most shameful observation which may put the whole medical profession and industry into a great danger of survival, once this knowledge reaches the public awareness, and in regards to the journalistic profession and the media, who should write about all these crimes? 

Is there a journalistic profession out there or there isn't a single medical journalist? All evidence about our allegations against African leaders, pharmaceutical industries, journalists and media etc; have been described and mentioned in our book: “Aids the greatest crime in medical history against mankind,” published on

Note 1

Although not mentioned still, some research may have been done on dextran sulfate in connection to the HIV/AIDS subject. The evidence link to support this study is provided underneath, yet access to the specified article is denied or forbidden.

Article reference:

Orally administered dextran sulfate is absorbed in the HIV+ individual. Hiebert L, Jaques LB, Williams K, Conly J; International Conference on HIV/AIDS. Int Conf HIV/AIDS. 991 Jun 16-21; 7: 107 (abstract no. W.A.1060). Department of Veterinary Physiological Sciences, Royal University Hospital, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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