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Thursday, September 8, 2016


A patient suffering from cryptococcosis

A patient suffering from cryptococcosis

Patients with M. Hodgkin or diseases of the eticulo-endothelial system with Kaposi's sarcoma are more susceptible to become affected by cryptococcosis. Susceptibilities to diabetes mellitus and cryptococcosis appear to be interconnected.

Apart from only one exception, Type C only occurred in South California. Regarding Type B, only 19 were shown in South California, 16 in Oklahoma, 13 in South America, 4 in Great Britain, 9 in South Asia, 10 in the Mid to South Pacific and 6 in the central part of Africa.

In 1961, a horse went down in Zaïre (Congo) with cryptococcosis of the brain. Not only the horse, the disease started affecting those who were previously healthy, and that of the horse may have been prepared  by way of intentional infection with the virus of Infectious Anaemia of Horses.

During medical treatment  of 18 Aids patients from Zaïre, 2 from Burundi, , 2 from Rwanda and one from Chad in four hospitals in Belgium (three in Brussels and one in Antwerp), five patients from Zaïre and the one patient from Chad, that means among 25% of Aids patients examined were diagnosed as having cryptococcosis.

Another treatment of Aids patients from Africa in Belgium resulted in 35% having cryptococcosis.

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