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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Leopold II, the face of a murderer whose crimes were praised with statues and streets named after him in Belgium

Leopold II, the face of a murderer whose crimes were praised with statues and streets named after him in Belgium

The world is not at peace. It is sinking and society is decaying rapidly than ever, because of greed, racism, violence, suicide, crime against humanity and the shed of innocent blood. 

In the colonial era, serious crime was committed against humanity in Africa. One of the countries that committed the most heinous crime against Africans in their own country is Belgium.

King Leopold II, killed over ten million Africans in Congo and he was hailed a hero. There are many streets named after him and statues built as an honour throughout Belgium. Until all the statues are broken down, Belgium can’t progress as a country. They know the truth. As small as the country is, it is the most difficult country to rule in the world, because of lingual differences.

The mistake people do is they pretend things are okay, even when they know that they have to do the right thing. Who ever thought Belgium will be like this? Belgium is in deep crisis. 

A country can’t commit such a crime against mankind and be happy with it. If you watch Belgium carefully you can see that it is a miserable country. There is no progress. The country is now like a ship on the ocean caught in the middle of the storm.

The only thing which could save Belgium is to be sincere, and break down all the statues of King Leopold II and change the names of all the streets named after him. They can call me a lunatic but the time they will know the significance of what I have said will be too late. 

The world can’t make fun or mocked the spirit of those that have been killed because they are Africans. This poem called Belgium Haunted will remind them: “When you killed 10 million Africans you aren’t called Hitler.”

A victim of Leopold II brutality in Africa

A victim of Leopold II brutality in Africa


He was an evil king
His name was king Leopold II
He wore a sheep’s clothing
And he deceived the world
As humanitarian and kind person
He killed, tortured and maimed
Thousands of children, women, and fathers in Congo
He burned down villages and rendered children homeless.
This man was cruel than Idi Amin of Uganda
Yet the Belgians praised and rewarded him for his cruelty
They built statues and named streets after him
Without thinking of the crime he did to innocent people
Without taking into consideration the innocent blood he shed
Where is the justice in this world?
Belgium whatever goes around comes around
You shall surely get your reward.

Despite all these crimes against Africans
Belgium today despises Africans
They planned a system of government like Apartheid
Keeping our children to sit on the bench to watch them
Africans only eat and live without progress
How can your country progress when you act in this way?
Belgium you will surely reap what you have sown.

Belgium don’t  forget that your country
Was built on the blood, tears, torture and suffering of Africans
In the name of greed, Ivory, and Rubber
The spirit of Lumumba, the one you killed, is calling for justice
The spirits of the innocent blood you shed, are calling for revenge
There isn’t any escape route for you Belgium
Your crime has brought dishonour to your people and country
They don’t know what shame is, that is the reason
They continue mistreating Africans

But you must remember Africa is a land of culture
We believe in our cultural values
Belgium you will never progress and move forward
If your task is to cause suffering to others
If your task to alienate and isolate Africans
Belgium, until you change your wicked ways
Your country would be under dark clouds
Of haunts, hallucinations, and fear.

You can’t continue to bite the fingers which fed you
Belgium would have been nothing without Africa
Our children need better education and job
I will die and go down happily in my grave
Even if you despise me Belgium
Because everyone would remember
The name Joel Savage, the only man
Who faced Belgium squarely and spoke of its crime
While the world sits and watches because justice is raped.

Dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Abraham Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy, Haile Selassie and all those who sacrificed their lives to bring the black man to this destination.

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