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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Homosexual men are not responsible for the spread of HIV or AIDS.

Homosexual men are not responsible for the spread of HIV or AIDS.

The reports on HIV-transmission among homosexual men generally assume that there these men change partners very frequently. The conjectures particularly from the USA medical journals range from sexual intercourse with 500 partners during the course of 500 partners per year.

In one report the authors point out that their examination group included the sexually more active homosexuals men of San Francisco. 52% of these had relations with several partners and 25% had a regular partner. The first survey was carried out in November 1983, and on this occasion, questions were also asked about their sexual activities towards the end of 1982.

At that time, 37% of those men, who changed their partners frequently, had on average 6.3 partners per month. In steady partnerships, 9% had no sexual relations per month, 3% had once. 23% between two and five times, 33% six to ten times, and 31% more than 11 times per month. At the end of 1981, a study of homosexual men in Denmark revealed similar results.

The risk of acquiring HIV through sexual intercourse is also extremely small among homosexual men. Here is an arithmetic example: If among homosexual men, 1% is affected with HIV, then statistically regarded a non-infected person could have passive anal intercourse with one hundred men before getting to one of the infected ones.

If every 700th intercourse with an HIV carrier is infectious for the  passive partner, then again, statistically regarded a hitherto non-infected person would not become infected during 69,999 receptive intercourses.

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