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Saturday, August 6, 2016


Johan Van Dongen, Dutch scientist, and micro-surgeon born in Rotterdam, Holland

Johan Van Dongen, Dutch scientist, and micro-surgeon born in Rotterdam, Holland

When Johan van Dongen started as CEO at the Microsurgical Educational Institute, and also as co-founder and secretary of the Microsurgical Development Foundation MD, working with artificial devices ‘MD PVC-Rat and anastomosis simulator,’ he knew that he wouldn’t be too long in the medical and pharmacological establishments, because he considers many activities there as crime.

Fraud, plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, intimidation, threats, and dismissal, are some of the challenges one couldn’t avoid in the medical and pharmaceutical business. It’s possible to survive if one pretends whatever crime he commits is normal. 

Even in a well-respected country like the Netherlands, to choose between integrity and crime had been no problem, thus; he chose integrity even though he knew it would be an uphill battle in his career. 

After successfully publishing his books to reveal that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes, the Dutch government whose country is also involved in those medical crimes became sorely afraid. 

The decisions taken after the publications were drastic. Firstly, Professor Dongen lost his job while lecturing at the University of Maastricht and secondly, the publishing house that published his books was closed down.

Despite all what he went through, Professor Dongen tried his best to reveal to the mislead public about the true origins of Aids and Ebola. Translating a Dutch book based on medicine to English is a very tough job due to the medical words involved. 

Through certain organizations that have seen that Aids and Ebola are indeed medical crimes, we are trying our best to edit the book very well and republish it very soon on Amazon.

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