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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Watch carefully the water you drink and the food you eat because the pharmaceutical world loves money more than you

Watch carefully the water you drink and the food you eat because the pharmaceutical world loves money more than you

If a car without petrol or maintenance can easily break down in the middle of the road, then the same way a person who doesn't mind what he eats, drinks, the environment he lives, can easily get sick.

Sickness costs a lot of money because your consultations feed the doctor and the medicine you buy generates money to the pharmaceutical companies. 

So just assume if, for over two to three years, you haven't been to the hospital or fallen sick, that means you have deprived some medical staffs and the pharmacy some money.

Now you need to understand why new viruses are created to increase sickness for the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors to make money. From this short introduction of how the health system works,  you need to be afraid of living in a dangerous world people don't care about you when it comes to money matters. 

Unfortunately, it is the Third World Countries that suffer most and inflicted with man-made diseases because it is easy to penetrate because of poverty.

On July I, 2016, Johan Van Dongen, a scientist and microsurgeon from Holland and Joel Savage, a Belgian writer of African roots,  launched this blog 'Secrets Of Aids And Ebola' blog to educate and give the right information about diseases such as Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever, Zika etc.

The above-mentioned diseases were all bio-weapons or man-made diseases to reduce overpopulation. Surprisingly, the World Health Organization, Center For Diseases Control and many health websites suppress the right information about the origins of the diseases to avoid people knowing that they are bio-weapons.

There are many articles written about HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Lassa fever, Zika virus etc, but none of the information given on the diseases is accurate or informative than what readers get on this blog. This makes 'Secrets of Aids And Ebola' blog, the best among health blogs.

We (Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage) will take the opportunity to thank the readers who within the shortest period we launched this blog have been reading our articles regularly. Without you, this blog would not have been successful. 

This has given us more inspiration to continue providing you with the right information. Just as we said earlier in one of our articles, you are free to contact scientist Johan Van Dongen for every question you are worried about. E-mail:

Just yesterday, someone asked him if bed bugs transmit diseases? The reason we published this article for the reader.  Thank you.

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