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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Chronic Ulcerated HSV Lesions on Face

Chronic Ulcerated HSV Lesions on Face

In the USA, Herpes only occurs in 4% of cases as the initial disease in connection with HIV-infection. This is very little with respect to the alleged general reduction in immunity, especially if one considers that hormonal changes, nervous tension, and sunlight even in people without HIV can trigger off Herpes-reactivation.

The infection with Herpes simplex Virus must have occurred before the HIV-infection. For the Herpes simplex-antibody levels are elevated in Aids patients. This points to contact with Herpes simplex Virus without production of the antibodies already being impaired  by HIV.

And the immunosuppressing Herpes simplex Virus enables the growth of HIV. In Mama Yemo hospital in Kinshasa, Zaire (Congo), herpes symptoms were registered in 43% of the later HIV-infected patients before HIV symptoms and even in patients who were not infected by HIV, the Herpes zoster incidence increased threefold above average. 

In 1986,  USA scientists presented a new Herpes virus. It is supposed to occur in almost all humans, but it was demonstrated in African patients, one year later together with HIV antibodies. This HH6 virus increases the ability of HIV to infect the T-cells, in particular, the suppressor cells.

Infections caused by Herpes viruses with HIV-infections in Africa are regionally different: 11% in Kinshasa, 14% or 55% in Zaire, 0% in Uganda. In Kigali in January, February and March of 1986, the early diagnosis of Herpes simplex-infection among patients with HIV-antibodies predominated. 

This distribution of Herpes simplex viruses there even involved 11 young persons with a manifest Herpes-infection without HIV and not suffering from other necessary immunosuppressing diseases. Their immunological resistance must have been reduced by massive additional forces, such as mycotoxins.

Up to that time, there were no reports of comparable clusters of the initial Herpes-diseases among young people in any part of the world, except West Nile District of Uganda, in Africa.

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