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Thursday, August 4, 2016


An Aids victim

An Aids victim


We would like to use the social media to give Americans certain facts and information over Aids and Ebola because the American government and the media aren’t ready to inform the world and Americans. 

Firstly, both Aids and Ebola are medical crimes and secondly, both the American government and the media are corrupt.

America may be a very great country, yet significant and sensitive information are completely hidden from the common man. Americans work very hard, yet only a few enjoy the fruit of their labor because the high taxation ends up in the fruitless fight against drugs, which many government officials are involved.

Americans work very hard, yet many can’t enjoy a simple life, because the government generates a lot of money from pharmaceutical companies, the reason the healthcare system is very expensive than most developed countries. Despite America’s expensive health care system, new viruses are secretly being created in laboratories to plague the Americans, just to make money, because the pharmaceutical companies had already manufactured the vaccines for those viruses.

Before the outbreak of Aids and Ebola, the viruses responsible for those deadly diseases had long been created for biological warfare purposes and the first continent that suffered the tests is Africa. Up till now many Americans don’t know that the government still has the viruses of the two deadly diseases in its laboratories, which can be used against their enemies as bio-weapon to kill or depopulate any time they want. This remains a threat to Americans since any small mistake could lead to a disaster.

Homosexuals are not responsible for the spread of aids, they were victims of contaminated vaccines, which took place decades ago in prisons for an early release. When they were released many had no idea that test vaccine which secured their freedom would give birth to a virus called Aids. Without any idea of carrying that deadly virus, they slept with other men without protection for years before many were diagnosed with the deadly Aids.

For decades governments, including America had fought a very good battle and still fighting to cover up the Aids and Ebola crimes. The reason is simple and logical, because of those involved. Here they are World Health Organization, The Rockefeller Foundation, United States Government, Center For Disease Control, France, Belgium, Holland, Russia and Germany. 

When the Dutch scientist, Professor Johan Van Dongen published the medical crimes in Dutch, his country called him a ‘Whistle Blower’ and banned the books. Even though Professor Dongen and I worked together to publish the English version of the book “Aids and Ebola, the greatest crime in Medical history against mankind, many thought the scientist is getting out of his mind, until North Korea accused America of spreading Ebola in Africa as bio-weapon.

It is not a good idea for Americans to say, Aids and Ebola kill only Africans, therefore we don’t care. Aids have killed both Europeans, Americans, and Africans. Yesterday was Aids, today is Ebola, what comes next or tomorrow? It’s our responsibility to heal this world and bring those responsible for Aids and Ebola crimes to justice, for the benefit of the future generation, including our children.

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