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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


A victim of Burkitt’s Lymphoma

A victim of Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Burkitt’s lymphoma is a disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, affecting children in the East and Central parts of Africa. There are many rumours that the disease isn’t natural. Our health blog provides enough information about this deadly disease.

“The U.S. military laboratories slated for Ebola and HIV, to develop into a biological weapon in the early sixties,” said Belgium scientist Guido Van der Groen. This statement was made during an interview on October 13, 1994. 

Realizing what he had said will put him into a trouble just like Johan Van Dongen, he changed his story. But it's already said, nothing can change history.

These are some of the lies that made Holland’s Professor Johan Van Dongen uncomfortable. Thus, his effort to let the world know about this crime cost him his job, house and rendered him penniless, because his native country, Holland, considered him a ‘Whistleblower.’ They were hoping Johan would have shut his mouth, to conceal the crime, since they were against Africa. 

Unfortunately, they don’t know that Professor Johan Van Dongen is an African with a white skin. “Their money and criminal behavior are devil instruments to test anything they like on ordinary African people. I don’t think I can rest peacefully in my grave if I keep this crime. I have lost my job and my house because of truth, but I didn’t lose my brain to let the world know the truth, hence this book” says Professor (Scientist) Johan Van Dongen.

Since the end of the nineteen sixties, the Epstein-Barr virus EBV together with retroviruses is deliberately inoculated in Ugandan children. That led to the death of hundreds of these children from Burkett’s lymphoma BL.

Although it was found that the BL tumor could be cured by chemotherapy in a significant number of patients, its frequent occurrence among HIV patients only within the zone of Central Africa wasn’t caused by the HIV infection. By a remarkable coincidence, it was found later that the EBV only causes glandular fever in the rest of the world, especially in Europe and the United States.

It is rather the result of genetically engineered manipulations and deliberate contamination of vaccines put into innocent children in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and the former Belgian Congo, killed thousands of these Africans.

From 1954 till 1962, R. Lukas diagnosed lymphoma in a very large number of dogs in the biological warfare laboratories of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in the USA. In the majority of cases, the same BL tissue changes occurred in human beings, especially in Africa.

In 1969, when the USA Armed Forces applied to the USA Congress for funds to create biological weapons, they justified it as follows; “Within the next five to ten years, it would probably be possible to make a new effective microorganism which differs in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. 

But what they didn’t tell the USA Congress is that they had already succeeded in making the BL causing disease long time in animal laboratories of the Veterinary Hospital in Pasadena, California USA.

The virus is human made and tested on black skinned people in Uganda and Zaire in Africa in order to find vaccines against it for military defending purposes. After the Ebola outbreaks in Africa, apparently, nobody is interested in finding a cure for the African Ebola victims.

The only thing of which scientists are interested in is to find a more lethal version of the virus to isolate and cultivate for bio-warfare purposes. Is there a message to the Africans? Yes, there is. Africa has to stop immediately all kinds of cooperations for testing vaccines or medicines in their innocent population.

If Africans want to inject themselves with devil solutions then they only should do this after these devil medicines have been tested on scientists themselves. As far as a cure for HIV is concerned Johan has done his homework. Within one of the following chapters, he will explain a cure for aids but it isn’t a simple one.

To be truly human is to love all people. Black folks do love; they love white folks despite white folks abuse them. All those facts are true; only, white folks haven’t even started to learn those facts.

“In my opinion, white smartness is a form of stupidity,” otherwise I can’t call it because it is absolutely not smart to degrade, abuse or dominate African people! In the West, smart white people get the Nobel Prize for their criminal actions in Africa, which in my opinion, the Nobel Prize organization is a criminal institute,” says Professor Johan Van Dongen.

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