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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Must Africa continue to trust the medicines send to the continent by Europe and America?

Must Africa continue to trust the medicines send to the continent by Europe and America?


HIV spread scarcely through sexual intercourse - Politically formed HIV types 

The World Health Organization maintains that out of the eight million people in the world with HIV, six million were living in South Africa of the Sahara, in 1991, and that 2.5% of people there are affected.

As for the spreading of AIDS through sexual intercourse, only a part of people of the population, roughly one-third would come into question. Infected mothers pass the virus to roughly every 8th child. Hence, roughly 7% of persons who are candidates for sexual infection are infected in this way.

What is obvious in view of this incredible rapid spread is that where soldiers or brothel-clients from France or the USA could become infected, prostitutes were hardly HIV-infected at all.

In Djibouti, in Mogadishu, in Arusha, Tanzania, in the Manono district of Zaire, and in Moungo district of Cameroun, all the prostitutes tested were free from HIV virus. No infections were recorded or published in Mombassa. 

On Cape Verde Islands, in Madagascar, on the Seychelles, the islands of love, pale-skinned aircraft crew, and tourists can practice as safe as before, just as Cabinda the employees of the Gulf Oil Company.

So how long will the World Health Organization and Center For Diseases Control continue to deceive Americans and the world that the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were spread by prostitutes or from monkeys brought to America from the Philippines? 

Why is it that true medical facts have been hidden from the common man? There is no doubt that apart from the World Health Organization and Center For Disease Control, scientists, top health officials, and American leaders knew about those medical crimes but documented false account on HIV/AIDS to mislead and deceive the public.

Dear readers, this is the reason, we (Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage) created this blog to give you the right information. It's not because of fame but one of our goals is to free the mind of people embedded with false information by the World Health Organization and the Center For Diseases Control. 

To summarize, Aids was a man-made disease or bio-weapon to depopulate a certain race which has affected the whole world. As time goes on we shall provide you with certain information on health issues no newspaper has ever revealed or published. 

The mainstream media covers and protects America for every crime committed against Africa, we will continue to expose them to save mankind.

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