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Monday, August 29, 2016


Why HIV/AIDS patients suffer discrimination if the disease doesn't discriminate?

Why HIV/AIDS patients suffer discrimination if the disease doesn't discriminate?

On health issues, such as Aids, Ebola, Burkitt's lymphoma, Zika etc, we have been misled. Whenever a crime is committed and those responsible wouldn't like anyone to know, they act like murderers to cover up their tracks to avoid suspicion and pay for their crimes.

It is very easy enough to find fantastic theories to convince the public about certain crimes. That's exactly what the World Health Organization and Center for Diseases Control and Prevention did. Aids, Ebola, Zika, Burkitt's lymphoma etc, are bio-weapons to destroy mankind to avoid over population.

The worst part of the story is the way HIV/AIDS patients are treated in the society. Like outcasts or lepers, some are completely taken away from the society and hidden from the sight of human beings but that shouldn't be the case.

An HIV or Aids patients have a number of years to live on this earth after contracting the disease but the way the society often treats them takes them early into their graves. Aids doesn't discriminate, so why do we?

Deception is a means of warfare. By infecting people, including homosexuals, one created the myth that the viruses were mainly spread through sexual intercourse. In their common meeting places, these persons are easily accessible and separable from others accessible.

The childlessness of homosexuals protects against inheritable transmission of the virus. Because first, pale-skinned men were predominantly infected and the media introduced these mass infections as disease of gay white men.

Why do you fear to touch an Aids patient when there is no threat of catching the disease? Why do people continue to discriminate against HIV/AIDS patients when they need love like everyone?

Aids Doesn't Discriminate, So Why Do We? Is a book that will teach you how to love and care for Aids patients without any danger or fear, because they are human beings like us but only sick. Get your E-version of the book available at Amazon.

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