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Sunday, March 29, 2020


Medical measures in Africa to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Medical measures in Africa to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Africa is endowed with a vast number of resources that are being poorly managed by the elites that are responsible for running the affairs of the continent on behalf of the subjects. This poor management is characterized by greed and struggle for sustaining an absolute power.

Today, the whole world is crying heavily because of the emergence of the famous Coronavirus which is believed to emanate from the Republic of China and now spreading across the world. 

As a result, the World Health Organization declares it as a pandemic, which tells us that the spread of this deadly virus has gripped the universe, and Africa is not an exception. We have been warned by the World Health Organization about the threat of this pandemic and to prepare for the worst.

After this declaration of the World Bank, the African countries become alarmed and disorganized, businesses start to cripple; economies start to dwindle; academia begins to crumble and our countries are being forced to take stringent emergency measures in order to contain the spread of this deadly virus which has caused havoc across the globe.

Our health facilities and practitioners emerge as the hotcake in the fight against this global epidemic even though they are hardly motivated or empowered by our leaders. 

Africa being so resourceful, one would expect it to expeditiously respond to this pandemic without hinging on the West for assistance either directly or indirectly, but it is the other way around.

The president of the World Bank Group had to urge all the members of the G20 to allow our countries to concentrate their resources on the fight against the pandemic rather than servicing the loans they owed to the G20 member countries. 

The sad reality is that you hardly see the positive impact of these fat loans that some of our leaders take from the members of G20 and other international organization, because of our social amenities and infrastructures are hardly improved by these loans.

Poor health facilities are being built without the needful equipment is provided to enable the facilities to be functional adequately, science and technology not efficiently empowered to cater for our poor technological know-how and the list goes on…

The most baffling thing is that, they (the African elites) hardly use these poor health facilities that are being built by themselves. They mostly resort to the standard medical facilities of the Western countries whenever the need arises. 

Notwithstanding, I must commend some of them who have been persistently struggling to improve the lives of Africans and as well to liberate Africa from the shackle of persistent debt servicing and manipulation. Some of them have been striving for an Africa that is free from poor leadership, free from corruption, free from debt servicing and manipulation.

These have been the struggle for the likes of many Pan-Africanist like: Paul Kagame; Patrick Lumumba Jr; Halifa Sallah; Seedia Jatta; Hassan B. Jallow (current Chief Justice of The Gambia) and the past legends… Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Jomo Kenyatta, Kenneth Kaunda, Robert Mugabe, and one of the greatest orators by the name Marcus Garvey Jr. (an Afro-Jamaican) and the list goes on...

Although, a man with a conscience would never cherish the spreading of a deadly virus in his continent, the spreading of Coronavirus in Africa is ‘’a blessing in disguise’’ as it would serve as a wakeup call for our African leaders to properly utilize our resources in standardizing our poor health facilities, so that we can all make good use of these facilities rather than running to the West for medical attention and living us with the poor health facilities they have built. 

At this trying moment, almost all countries have closed their borders for accessibility due to the spread of the pandemic.

Thus, we now have to make use of poor health facilities we have at our disposal including our leaders which is a big lesson for all of us to learn from.

Going forward, all our leaders should join the struggle that the aforementioned persons have started in liberating Africa from the shackle of debt servicing and manipulation, and therein concentrate our resources in building our poor infrastructures more so our health facilities so that we can all enjoy it rather than running to the West whenever the need arises.

Article by Omar Jatta (Striving for a liberated Africa.)

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Is the coronavirus another modern biological weapon after Aids and Ebola?

Is the coronavirus another modern biological weapon after Aids and Ebola?

In the month of December 2018, Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder predicted that a new disease could kill 30 million people in six months. His foundation posted a simulation showing an epidemic spreading from China, which is currently facing a grave situation to handle the accelerating speed of the deadly coronavirus.

In a December 2018 report, the Business insider cited Gates as saying that the world is not prepared for pandemics amid an increase in the population and environmental degradation.

We live in a dangerous world ruled by lies, hypocrisy, and wickedness, making things difficult for the general public when it comes to an epidemic. So where do all those pandemics come from?

Wuhan Institute of Virology Wuhan Institute of Virology, which houses China’s only level-four biosafety laboratory (the highest-level classification of labs that study the deadliest viruses), also is known as a biowarfare laboratory.

The first prominent personality to come out publicly and support the Corona bio-weapon theory was US senator Tom Cotton who appeared on Fox News to allege that the virus could indeed have originated from that laboratory.

The coronavirus has now infected more than 500,000 people worldwide, but in reality, this could be six times higher, claiming the lives of more than 22.000 in the process, as numbers in Europe spike, while China appears to be curbing the effects. The question is how is it possible in such a crowded country?

Is Corona A Military Invention? Conspiracy hypotheses Iran’s former President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, declared COVID-19 is a bioweapon from a military laboratory, stating: “It is clear to the world that the mutated coronavirus was produced in a laboratory.”

His point echoes a claim made by US Senator Tom Cotton recently, but now, Francis Boyle has exposed the “smoking gun” that he says proves this theory.

In February 2020, the US Senator, as well as Francis Boyle, a law professor suggested that the virus may have been a Chinese bioweapon, while in the opinion of numerous medical experts, there is no evidence for this.

Conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh said on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” the most popular radio show in the US, that the virus was probably "a CHICOM laboratory experiment" that the Chinese were using the virus and the media hysteria surrounding it, to bring down Donald Trump.

CHICOM is a contemptuous term used to refer to a Communist Chinese and a grenade or other weapons manufactured in Communist China. Though the term was originally an official military abbreviation, the derogatory slang use originated during the Vietnam War.

In February 2020, The Financial Times reported from virus expert and global co-lead coronavirus investigator, Trevor Bedford, who said that "There is no evidence whatsoever of genetic engineering that we can find" and that, "The evidence we have is that the mutations in the virus are completely consistent with natural evolution" but in contradiction are the findings of William Ebss namely;

“When does a conspiracy theory become a conspiracy reality? Covid-19 looks like a perfectly designed “Disease X.”

Nanki University Tianjin China: Covid-19 contains strange HIV and Ebola-like mutations

The Wuhan coronavirus (formally known as Covid-19) is not your common cold or flu. Analysts who try to downplay the severity of this new disease are doing the world a disservice. We don’t fully understand what we are dealing with here.

According to researchers from Nanki University in Tianjin China, Covid-19 contains a strange HIV-like mutation that may make it more contagious and give it properties not found in other coronaviruses.

Moreover, the Chinese study builds upon earlier research in India concluded that the disease was unlikely to have originated in nature. The novel coronavirus has similarities with HIV and Ebola, according to Chinese and Indian researchers.

Military history of pandemics The flu-like travel virus, Of course, it was not only Germany and Japan that during both World Wars and the interwar period experimented with microorganisms that could make people fatally ill but also the United States and Britain used viruses and bacteria to eliminate their enemies.

Until the end of the Second World War, it was still unclear Britain's role was in the investigation and testing of biological weapons.

Only later it was announced that the British were very much in the secret in the Porton Down research center as they are working on the development of a so-called anthrax bomb, which was tested by the British army command on Gruinard Island, an island off the west coast of Scotland.

The anthrax experiment was only child's play compared with what they have done with the flu virus to kill people. According to Lenhartz and Leichtentern, the flu was already in joint use at the end of the last century.

Especially flu viruses were used by Great Britain as a highly effective biological weapon. Both researchers published their research in 1892 and 1896 respectively not depending on each other about the cause and the spread of the influenza pandemic of 1892 with more than 20 million fatalities.

From their writings, it becomes clear that the flu in a bizarre way hit places of interest from the United States and Great Britain or in colonial areas at stake where depopulation was predominant.

The flu pandemic of 1889 In May 1889, extreme aggressive flu was first reported. In that month, the virus hit Athabasca, one area in what was then British North America and Asia Turkistan. 

The latter country was annexed by Russia and border the British Indies. While the Indians were in Athabasca they were contaminated with the flu and many died.

In North Turkistan of British India, mainly European engineers, innovative railway workers, and Russian soldiers suddenly became seriously sick. 

The flu, according to spokesmen, "fell like a blanket from the air and the construction of an extremely important railway road connection was thereby considerably delayed.

In the following months, the flu spread to the Russian empire, which also affected Australia. In December 1889, the flu reached the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

On the seventeenth of the same month, the virus started once turned up in Boston and two days later there was a flu explosion in New York.

The month was not yet over when an American warship full of flu viruses set sail from New York to Gibraltar, England, and then, in January 1890, there were also flu explosions in the port cities of Tangier, Tunis, Tripoli, Alexandria, and even Cairo.

The month was not yet over when South Africa also was hit by the flu affecting the rebellious farmers and kaffirs in the Cape colony who were disabled by the disease.

After that, the virus made a horrific entrance in Mexico, Honululu, and along the east coast of South America. In a few weeks' time, the flu affected Montevideo, Santos and Rio de Janeiro.

Also, the residents of the tiny island of Nevis were infected, even though February 1890 was not yet around, yet large parts of North America and the entire Indian reservations were thinned. 

The disease affected also British India and Ceylon. In Bombay as well as in Colombo the flu appeared after British warships left these port cities.

In an 1890 publication by Ellis, he described in his rapport “Influenza” the flu epidemic in India. The introduction of influenza can be read that the flu in the Indian country coincided with the British troop movements.

The flu had spread throughout the world between March and November, as far as the German colony of Togo. In December the flu reached England, but then the virus was already weakened from the long journey that it moved very slowly and took, for example, four months to get from Manchester and to five kilometers away from the outskirts of Salford.

The 1917/18 flu pandemic Almost 30 years later, the virus apparently well-rested because during the First World War, a British-American scientist, W.P. Dunbar, as early as 1915 pinpoint that the serious flu epidemic was on the way.

That professing he did after a visit to Manchuria where he served as director from a health institute in Hamburg, had found that during the Japanese-Russian war, an extremely aggressive flu ruled.

He was right because a few months later already in England British soldiers were hit by the flu. In 1917, it is found that a relatively innocent virus-contaminated also soldiers in the United States who were preparing on a war mission in Europe. In over 25 army camps the flu broke out.

In the early spring of 1918, the virus was back in Europe where it briefly touched Spain and then popped up in the British, American and French frontlines where incidentally little damage was caused.

But on May 16th, the flu virus suddenly turned deadly and in the northern German city of Kiel, the city of the Imperial fleet, an entire garrison of soldiers fell ill in a few hours.

Many of them died shortly thereafter. From then was everywhere in Germany and at the front in France deadly flu explosions. The soldiers at the front thought there was a poisonous gas attack. Soldiers on the watch or in the open-air bivouac suddenly felt a burning irritation in the nose and throat which was accompanied by a dry cough or irritated eyes.

In many cases, the soldiers died very quickly and the diagnosis flu turned out that toxic substances were also involved. It was not only the German front soldiers who died of the symptoms of this flu.

Also, workers in arms factories and their family members contracted the disease and sometimes died within a few days, or even within hours of the disease has manifested itself fertilized. The primary cause of death was pneumonia.

Germany lost more in the last four months of 1918 than 400,000 civilians and military personnel. That the German army command on 11 November 1918 capitulated, this was certainly partly the result of this pandemic.

The Allies did not die en masse and even hardly sick is questionable. Perhaps in the past, they had built up resistance to the disease. They haven't that elsewhere, because in the months after the First World War, millions of people died in Russia and British-India, to this flu.

The swine flu is not contagious The great pandemic of 1918-1919 gave rise to an enormous amount of scientific research, which many researchers admittedly thought to be a virus that was the causative agent of the disease but could not demonstrate this.

In his 1969 book, Viruses and Colds, Dr. J.M. Adams, a professor in pediatrics at the University of California explained why the scientists there at that time failed to prove the infectiousness of flu.

A disease that could infect people all over the world at almost the same time was found under experimental conditions not to be contagious. Despite countless attempts, the flu did not transmit from one subject to another.

It became increasingly clear that the contamination during the 1918 pandemic was never possible when caused by contacts between people.

Finally, in 1933, the Englishman Richard Shope cleared a filterable virus from an isolated pig. Pigs that he transferred this filtered virus also received the flu. According to Adams Shope, thereby, provided evidence that bacteria along with a virus play a critical role in causing the flu. He said this:

"In this way, it was discovered that the bacillus could not be the only cause of swine flu and that a virus was responsible for the start of an innocent disease too, like a cold. However, if both agents (a virus and a bacteria) were active at that time, a very serious and often fatal form of pigs human influenza appear.”

The flu pandemics of 1957 and 1968 It took nearly 50 years for the flu pandemic to become 1918 followed by a new global disease wave. It flu virus became active again when French interests in Indochina had to be abandoned and the Americans became involved in the civil war in Vietnam.

Like the Vietnam War, this Asian flu started at the end of February 1957. The virus emerged in the Chinese province of Yunnan which borders Vietnam and Laos.

The virus three months later, was suddenly spotted in San Diego by military personnel, who according to US Army leaders, came back from the area of the Pacific. Shortly afterward, during a Jamboree, many boy scouts became suddenly sick.

Thanks to these curious incidents, which allowed the American scientists to quickly isolate a new virus and moreover, they knew before the "Real" pandemic erupted, how to produce twelve million vaccines.

In retrospect, however, it turned out that insufficient vaccines had been produced because of the flu pandemic of 1957 required in The United States alone; which has registered 78,000 deaths.

In subsequent years, the flu virus remained mainly active in Asia, where after the Americans withdraw from Vietnam in 1968 and the flu followed the US troops to Cambodia. It strongly appeared that the routes carrying the virus in Southeast Asia coincided with the military troop movements.

Spain, one of the healthiest countries in Europe, now hardly hit by the coronavirus

Spain, one of the healthiest countries in Europe, now hardly hit by the coronavirus

The flu pandemic of 1976 When another war raged in Southeast Asia in 1976, also this time in Cambodia, soldiers who were recruited in Fort Dixon New Jersey, were reported to have respiratory diseases.

Because people suspected that it was a new mutation of the flu virus, blood samples were sent to the virus laboratory of the Ministry of People's Health in New Jersey.

It turned out that the virus was not to identify and send the samples to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. Meanwhile, one of the infected recruits in Fort Dixon, the soldier David Lewis, on 4 February died after a five-kilometer march. On February 19, the CDC was informed that the virus had been identified. It would be about a new strain of swine flu.

Journalists quickly concluded that it was a variant of the flu virus that had spread during the First World War, but in fact, it was a completely new flu virus that was mutated in at least five places.

And something like that should have been world news because of the chance of two mutations in the same virus, necessary to create the new flu virus is already necessary but that didn't happen, even though this new virus showed five mutations, which according to experts never could be achieved in a natural way.

On March 24, President Gerald R. Ford had a meeting in the White House with a number of top experts. Then he appeared before the television cameras to complete an overall vaccination campaign. The federal government would develop a vaccine of 135 million dollars so that in this pandemic, the entire population of the United States could be immunized.

The pharmaceutical companies started the vaccine production immediately after the speech by President Ford. However, the production of this vaccine stopped in July because the insurance companies of these companies are not liable.

They already saw the mood when the vaccines were harmful, with side effects and possibly thousands of claims would be made.

Albert Sabin, an expert on it in the field of polio vaccinations suggested some additional measurements but not even the authority could prevent that vaccine manufacturer, however, they decided to quit the same month after production.

Two weeks later, on August 2, in Philadelphia some mysterious respiratory illnesses did occur, the alarmed Congress passed a bill that vaccine producing companies are protected against eventual claims from the population.

And complications soon followed because of resilient ten days after the vaccination program was started, twelve people had died after injection with a swine flu vaccine. In protest, several clinics closed in various American states.

However, President Ford stayed convinced of the usefulness of vaccination and, together with his inoculate in front of the television cameras he tried to convince people.

But this show was over shortly after because soon it became apparent that more and more people became ill or even died as vaccinations increased and the Minister of People's Health on December 16, 1976, suspended the program but was replaced on January 1th, 1977.

One month later it turned out that more than a hundred people had filed a claim for damages serving for a total of $11 million, the U.S. government decided to stop the vaccination. After that, the then expected flu pandemic never broke out!

Emergency plans against an expected flu pandemic and many influenza experts expect a new flu pandemic soon. They believe that they can learn from the behavior of the virus in the past and what will do it in the future.

For example, in the United States, the CDC has an Influenza division where pandemics and their progression on a special world map are exposed. On one of these maps, there are six different places in China surrounded. These locations are currently being monitored by observers they hope to pick up the new flu-tribe as soon as it emerges.

Dr. Frank Ryan, a well-known virus authority, writes in his book that “Virus X” elaborates on the return of deadly epidemics, including the flu. In the chapter "The worst-case scenario" he describes how 50 percent of the world's population will be infected.

The pharmaceutical industry, when creating an adequate vaccine, will never be able to keep up with such a pandemic. Maybe the rich countries in such a case still have a chance to win the race but in the Third World, it would be incalculable.

On September 27, 1997, newspapers report that according to WHO there is a large and dangerous flu pandemic on its way. Governments are strongly advised here to take specific measurements into account.

It would be a completely new flu virus in which all standing and thus known flu vaccines are unusable. Scientists in Western countries, therefore, are working on a "Scenario Flu pandemic."

And yet we face the Corona pandemic causing casualties amongst the elderly, a virus with HIV-like components again emerging in China in the neighborhood of a biowarfare factory.


The coronavirus, also known as Covid 19

The coronavirus, also known as Covid 19

The Coronavirus infection - (COVID-19), is gaining pandemic status in the world. According to the recommendations of world health experts, we remind you of the symptoms of the disease and preventive measures. 

Please read this text carefully, it can save your health.


- Weakness

- Increased temperature

- Shortness of breath

- Dry cough

- Headache

- Severe chest

- Sore throat.

If you find any symptoms of the virus, call an ambulance immediately!


- The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to keep your hands and surfaces clean.

- Keep your hands clean, wash them often with soap and water, or use a disinfectant.

- Also try not to touch your mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands (usually such touches are unconsciously performed by us on average 15 times per hour).

- Carry a hand sanitizer with you so that you can clean your hands in any environment.

- Always wash your hands before eating.

- Be especially careful when in crowded places, airports, and other public transportation systems. As much as possible, touch the surfaces and objects located in such places and do not touch your face.

- Carry disposable wipes with you and always cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze and be sure to dispose of them after use.

- Do not eat food (nuts, chips, cookies and other snacks) from common packages or utensils if other people dipped their fingers in them.

- Avoid complimentary handshakes and kisses on the cheek until the epidemiological situation stabilizes.

- At work, regularly clean surfaces and devices that you touch (computer keyboard, general office equipment panels, smartphone screen, remotes, door handles and handrails).

Good health to you and your loved ones!