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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Those who commit crimes and wouldn't like anyone to know about them called call such information 'Fake news.'

Those who commit crimes and wouldn't like anyone to know about them called call such information 'Fake news.'

Bebee, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and several other social media expelled us from their sites, after launching the health blog 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,' without any significant reason or explanation.

However, we know that there are some powerful people behind it. Firstly, they can't stand the truth, and secondly, because of the medical crimes they have committed, they feel threatened or insecure.

The social media is on the winning side of the truth because their incoming fortunes are at stake. They get more restless as they see the number of people reading our articles. Above all, our happiness, which they consider it a nightmare was when, one of the biggest online African news site, ModernGhana news, starts publishing our articles.

Many readers worldwide, including the officials of UNICEF, WHO, CDC, National Health Institutes, ministers, politicians, and secret services visit our blog.

In fact, it can be said that Big Pharma and their shareholders, including many politicians and doctors, belong to organized crime, which is hardly published by the media because it affects their source of income.

According to many of our followers on LinkedIn, Bebee and friends on Facebook, they remove health, organic, and natural life pages under the guise of  “fake news” under new laws implemented by Western Countries. Nevertheless, for instance, prescribed drugs are the third cause of death in the USA after a heart attack and cancer!

Danish documentary about HPV vaccine victims no longer to view

As of yesterday, July 6, 2018, we discovered that the Danish documentary “De vaccinergede Piger,” made in 2015, has disappeared from the internet. The film is sharply etched in our memory. It starts with a gathering of young girls, and tired old females, shoveling into a room. 

They have excruciating pains, seizures, chronic fatigue, sitting in a wheelchair or menopause have started even before they have ever given birth to a child.

The girls have one thing in common: they all think that their symptoms are caused by the HPV vaccine. And there is more than enough scientific research that makes this very plausible. But the establishment still sticks its head in the sand and comes up with remarks such as 'girls at that age are often tired.

The film was on the old Vaccinvrij site for years, but now it is no longer available. On the old link, is a notice that this is so because of “Copyrights of the Danish TV.” And we, the writers of the aforementioned blog, have to believe that? 

Only after years of trouble-free circulation of the documentary, do the Danish TV think they don't like this and therefore, removes the film because of 'Copyrights'? Are they out of there minds?

Why do the media and there journalists remain in silence?

While it remained awfully quiet in the media, on our blog we published about the measures that completely undermine our freedom of speech. We would like to highlight and emphasized them again:

“Lobbying in Brussels is an industry branch that converts billions of Euros every year. According to 'Corporate Europe', an organization that campaigns for more transparency, there are at least 30,000 lobbyists in Brussels. A number that almost corresponds to the 31,000 employees of the European Commission.

This means that every day thousands of lobbyists, employed by large (pharmaceutical) companies, law firms, banks, PR firms, Newspapers and their journalists etc., have an estimated three-quarter of European laws and regulations. They provide politicians and civil servants with the so-called 'right' background.

Could it be that the removal of Danish documentary is part of the removal of misleading and unscientific information about vaccination? That the measures are being implemented and that censorship is only increasing?

Things that go against regular thinking often disappear. Not just this movie or articles we wrote. Because even notorious companies like Google manipulates our blog with figures or penalties.

The proposed proposals are drastic and concern every child in Europe. Every article we publish on our blog is horribly quiet in the regular media. 

For instance, in the Netherlands and Belgium, we provide newspapers with scientific underlined articles about the danger of vaccines and drugs but neither the Volkskrant, nor the NRC, nor Het Parool has informed the Dutch and Belgian citizens about the measures that want to restrict our freedom of choice and our free speech. 

From the point of view of many well-informed parents, the worst: measures that threaten the health of our children is mandatory vaccinations. 

Why is vaccination coverage actually decrease?

Because safety standards are missing and there is a lack of independent safety studies?

Because we wonder all of those vaccines are really needed? Because we find out that they can have terrible side effects? Because we have concern for our children?

For instance, where is science that proves that vaccines are safe and effective? Parents who ask questions about the scientific underpinning of vaccination programs come home from a cold funfair. The answer to the growing concern, where the resistance comes from, is apparently to make it legally possible to be able to oblige vaccination throughout Europe.


Unfortunately, we do not have to look far to see that the result of this political influence. The interest of business often prevails over the interests of the citizen and the environment.

A recent example. On April 19, 2018, out of sight of the citizen, the EC voted in favor of measures to counter the decreasing vaccination rate. The proposals made are drastic and concern every child in Europe. Vaccine-free posted a blog about it the same day but it was horribly quiet in the regular media.

Neither the Dutch Newspapers, De Volkskrant, the NRC, nor Het Parool, has informed the citizen about the measures that want to restrict our freedom of choice and our free speech.

The only thing they did is, when our books come to light, they ask the opinion of Dutch professor virologist Ab Osterhaus, a stakeholder in the pharmaceutic industry, about his opinion on our accusations. 

And referring to our challenge to prove us wrong 'Aids and Ebola are man-made diseases,' he and his colleagues worldwide remain silent, as WHO, CDC, and all national health institutes worldwide do. No, because you never bite in a hand that feeds you. 

The only title they deserve is; “Criminals in suits,” and, from the point of view, in regards to many well-informed parents, the worst: their measures threaten the health of our children, our future generation.

All vaccines in spite of our children are not healthy or safe. The number of chronic disorders of the immune system and central nervous system: ADHD, disorders in the autism spectrum, allergies, epileptic disorders, developmental disorders, learning, and speech problems, etc., etc. is only increasing.

The list is long and the medical world has no explanation for the increase. Only scientific research with an unvaccinated control group could conclude that vaccines are not (partly) responsible for this. But this is precisely the research that the pro-vaccinees cannot present to the parents.


The reason that the vaccination rate is decreasing is that parents lose confidence in the National Vaccination Programs NVP. It is the parents who experience how their child responds to the vaccines! And the reason that we try to inform and warn each other via the social media is that the information about vaccines at the clinic and in the media has considerable gaps.

Could it be that the power of lobbyists/multinationals goes beyond influencing MEPs in Brussels?

The Dutch newspaper AD, was the only major newspaper that took over the press release that the 'EU is ringing the emergency bell' on 19th  April 2018, the rest of the big newspapers followed only a week later on 26th  April. That in itself is strange, but the content of their articles is even more strange.

Another example of identical news in the Dutch media

De Volkskrant (26-04-18):

'Brussels: Growing vaccination resistance among citizens puts public health at risk'.

But we gladly know that hundreds of journalists, and not only Dutch, follow us on all social media. That's why we can hold them accountable for misleading their readers.

World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO was established in California (USA) in 1945, with the aim of building a better, healthier future for all people worldwide. In a few decades, the WHO has grown into a powerful and large organization that is decisive for, among other things, a worldwide vaccination policy.

More than 7,000 people work in more than 150 offices and in addition, it can count on more than 700 institutes that support it. Not a bad performance for an organization that was founded relatively recently. 

This could only be achieved because the WHO has the best marketing staff, economists and other highly skilled professionals, above all, the institution has a lot of money. Who will finance the 150 offices and salaries of all those 7,000 people working for the World Health Organization? Bill Gates?

Financial transparency regarding the financing of the source of information about vaccines and the worldwide vaccination policy is hard to find for the citizen. Only a few people will realize that the WHO plays such an important role in the whole, including the increasing pressure to vaccinate.

At the beginning of its existence, the WHO was financed for the most part by mandatory contributions from member states, but this has long since ceased to be the case. The largest source of income from the WHO are voluntary contributions of very wealthy institutions of persons like Bill Gates, in the form of donations or from 'partner organizations.'

But does the sun rises for nothing? A relatively small number of donors, who are pro-vaccines - finance as much as 75% of the costs incurred by the WHO. In return, they have a big spoon in terms of their spending, including global depopulation which affects mostly third world countries.

Billions of people in this world live in slums where the average life expectancy is perhaps only 35 years. Half the life expectancy in well-off locations where people have good nutrition, clean drinking water, and sanitation.  And they all are unaware of the criminal behavior of the upper layer in our rotten world.

Overpopulation (slums), poor hygiene, lack of sanitation, unsafe drinking water, inadequate food, polluted air, etc. are circumstances among people. Certainly, children under five, cannot stay healthy or even alive. Meanwhile, many corrupt persons are floating around in their expensive ships or flying in their superjets in order to maintain their power.

Improving living conditions should be the highest priority of the WHO, but this is not the case. Why? Have policymakers not learned anything from history? How did the (now) prosperous Western countries overcome the high (infant) mortality from infectious diseases? It's most certainly was not because of vaccines or dangerous drugs!

The WHO uses worldwide mortality figures to convince citizens in affluent countries that 'childhood diseases are dangerous' and vaccines 'life-saving.' Nothing is less true. Healthy children are born with an immune system that normally works very well. 

Child diseases have an important role in the development of a strong and healthy immune system and are only dangerous diseases for malnourished children. 

Vaccines disrupt the natural development of the immune system, which may result in a reduction in resistance and then we are not even talking about vaccination damage.

Dear parents, do you want to have your children sick? Then go to the doctor and ask for vaccines but remember once they have fallen ill then you are responsible as well just as the Europe Parliament and those so-called safe institutes which decide what vaccinations they put into your babies. 

And if you refuse, then you lose your job, your children are expelled from “Kindergartens” or day-care centers and even from school. It is for you to decide, dear readers, who are the criminal amongst us?

Monday, July 16, 2018


Ebola is the hand signature of the US government to kill Africans after Aids

Ebola is the hand signature of the US government to kill Africans after Aids

On May 26, 2018, I published an article on ModernGhana news captioned “A Warning To The US Government: Stop Testing Ebola Biological Weapon In Congo.” 

Since we live in a world an African journalist, writer or author, faces underestimation, disrespect, and discrimination, I was attacked by some readers who want to convince the world that I am a bad or a false writer.

One of the comments came from a reader who gave his name as Ivan, without writing his full name. (ModernGhana article reference:

According to Ivan “This writer must be on drugs to dream up this nonsense. Seems to want to portray that the entire world is against Africa. Clean up the government graft, payoffs, kickbacks and theft and maybe people would want to visit the continent."

Another writer calling himself Boris said “I see the author currently lives in Belgium. There are certainly ways for him to organize a vacation on the Congo river.” Readers interested in the article can read further from the provided reference.

I have written many medical articles not because I went to a medical school but I became interested in writing such articles after visiting scientist Johan Van Dongen in Holland and the Dr. Wolff Geilser in Cologne, Germany. 

The documents they gave me pertaining to medical crimes, including the deliberate spread of diseases in Africa, such as Ebola are shocking.

“Whatever happens to me benefits me in a special way." The outrageous comments and insults from those readers provoked scientist Johan Van Dongen to join the ModernGhana news to start posting his articles. 

As I narrate this story, since from the time scientist Johan Van Dongen start posting his articles, all those that previously attacked me are nowhere to be found.

They attacked me because they want to create the impression that an African writer has no brain, therefore, he is writing nonsense. My question is where are they now? Because scientist Johan Van Dongen is waiting for their attack as well. 

“Smartness is a form of stupidity,” he says. Because he is a white scientist and those that attacked me know the articles are accurate, there is no challenge from any opposition readers.

Now the foundation of Aids and Ebola medical crimes and the deliberate spread of diseases in Africa has gained momentum and new strength, as Dr. Wolff Geisler also joins ModergGhana news to share his articles on the same subject, the deliberate spread of Aids and Ebola in Africa. 

His books “Aids, Origin, Spread, And Healing,” doesn’t mention Aids and Ebola alone as man-made diseases but also Burkitt’s lymphoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Mycotoxins, and Cytomegalovirus.

Africans should never allow such comments from those attacking African writers on ModernGhana news site or any social media to change their mind. If they think Europeans or Americans love Africa, I have some questions for them.

  • Why Africa is the only continent among the other continents that have suffered most?

  • Why no continent has experienced slavery, colonization brutalities, Apartheid, and medical crimes?

  • Why Aids has dealt a heavy blow on Africans and African-Americans at the same time?

There are no people in their right mind that will claim they love Africa and treat them in such a manner. If Europe and America embassies give African visas doesn't mean that they love you. Visas are not given free of charge. 

Sometimes they will deny you the visa and take your money as well because your money helps them. This is what Africans need to understand.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Embarrassing moment as Barack Obama sings promises and praises while the African leaders clap with happiness

We like to publish articles based on truth, which the corrupt Europe and America media wouldn’t let the public know. This is one of the reasons the health blog “Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,” has been one of the successful health blogs. 

If one article could generate over 11,000 readers per day, then that means our message about the deliberate spread and man-made diseases are creating an impact.

How we get our source of information can’t be revealed but a blog run by an experienced journalist, a scientist, and a medical doctor, will, of course, produce a very good articles readers are longing to read, yet can’t find it anywhere.

During the outbreak of Ebola in West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, the US government under the administration of Obama gave millions of dollars to the leaders of the affected countries to keep quiet, with a promise that they will take care of the situation.

African leaders can't take a loan from foreign a country without listening to European and American leaders and aid to Africa, in a form of cash which often ends up in the pockets of African leaders will cease to flow if they wouldn't listen to those foreign powers.

The depending and listening to foreign powers haven't only baptized African leaders in corruption but have also given foreign powers the opportunity to commit horrible crimes in Africa.

All over the world, independent scientists, educated folks, including the Russian and the North Korean leaders have accused the US government responsible for both Aids and Ebola genocides in Africa but the most affected countries leaders remain silent.

This is a question up till now many are asking without an answer. 

After giving the money to the African leaders, as promised by Obama, he sent a battalion of US soldiers to the affected countries to tackle the situation. This is the main reason those affected countries leaders never asked the US government for any question.

People should never think that African leaders are stupid and therefore, not aware that Aids and Ebola are biological weapons to depopulate Africa. The corrupt African politicians were silenced by money.

The media, including CNN, BBC, Fox News etc, are aware of this but none is prepared to speak the truth. Like the past Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Guinean leader, Alpha Condé, Ernest Bai Koroma has stolen thousands of dollars meant for Ebola victims. African leaders are deeply corrupt to the extent that they make money from every misfortune.

Obama has gained worldwide admiration as the first black African leader, unfortunately, what many don’t know that he became one of the criminal American leaders like George Bush and Bill Clinton, after killing Africans with Ebola and covered up.

African leaders are helpless and we know in every way that they can’t help Africans, we are, therefore, delighted that Africans at home are now reading and learning from our articles appearing on ModernGhana news. 

That alone will give them the knowledge of how to protect themselves.