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Sunday, March 24, 2019


Hilary Koprowski, the Polio vaccine Aids spreader dies at 96

Hilary Koprowski, the Polio vaccine Aids spreader dies at 96

American Congress, CDC, NIH, WHO, and foreign governments were fueling the real man-made spreading and exposure to AIDS

Despite all progress in the first years after World War II in the fight against polio had been made, demand for a cheaper to produce a vaccine to date. The Sabin vaccine is to provide a permanent immunity against polio, but the production was very high. 

Why did Hilary Koprowski, an American of Polish origin, developed a new method to eradicate the polio problem quickly?

The vaccine was indeed easy within monkey kidney cells to produce, but the extract from polio-infected monkey kidney tissue thus obtained, was so badly filtered that only bacteria to the substance have been withdrawn, while in monkey tissue resident deadly viruses, amongst them SV40, freely were passed. Anyone with the contaminated vaccine from Koprowski was handled, thus willingly received viruses that do not occur naturally in humans.

After Koprowski vaccines are cheap in the United States had been tested on twenty mentally handicapped children from a mental health facility in New York, he decided the massive preparation to serve in Africa and not first in the United States for which he never gets any permission.

To implement its first major immunization, he settled in the Belgian Congo. He built a laboratory building at Camp Lindi in Stanleyville, now called Kisangani, and took out the final tests by all black animal keepers with Chat an l-type vaccine to vaccinate.

Apparently, the results to him were satisfactory and as quickly as possible in the northeast of the present Federal Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, in the current mass of people in the fifties, he rounded up and directed them massively to vaccination stations. 

There they were, mostly by Belgian doctors and nurses, the polio-active vaccine with long needles into the open mouths sprayed. The exact number of doses is not known. But estimates indicate that approximately one-quarter of a million men women and children with the strongly contaminated vaccine Type l-Chat is inoculated.

About the real impact of the Congo vaccine in this former Belgian colony, thanks to a relentless stream of violent conflicts till today, to date nothing officially announced. From the late fifties, the black population of the Federal Republic of the Congo affected by many diseases whose cause seems difficult to trace.

What people have by now discovered that in the case of the polio vaccinations two different methods were used. Hundreds of thousands of Africans were “sprayed” while a contrast to the white “caps” was awarded. 

The latter method has the advantage that when the vaccine is not viral and bacterial infections in the mouth and the esophagus can occur because the capsule is only dissolved in the stomach. Moreover, a vaccine in a capsule keeps better. In any case, the pause for thought that the application of the spray vaccine in Belgium itself, and whites living in the colony was banned.

That the vaccine of Koprowski causes very dangerous side effects is shown in 1959, because of a publication on May 14th of that year when Sabin published an article in the British Medical Journal explaining that he has found an unknown cell-killing virus in the polio vaccine of Koprowski.

The thus attacked American scientist, who had vaccinated only black-skinned people massively in the former Belgian Congo, did not respond to this serious accusation. He was nevertheless accepted by a committee of American Congress called to account, which he took off a statement that he developed a chat-type a vaccine which was indeed very much contaminated with numerous serious monkey viruses.

Despite the fact that now hundreds of thousands of people are dangerous vaccine-treated, that confession would only mean that Koprowski quietly disappeared from the scientific stage. 

But his work is dated and can be accounted for and the dying Africans now know that aids causing viruses does not jump to them by accident but deliberately. Some persons even think one can speak of genocide which should be brought to the International Court of Law in the Haque the Netherlands.

United States Congress

The United States Congress was shocked by the relentless flow of allegations causing turmoil in the United States. The Congress resolved only in the nineties. Almost forty years after the first vaccinations, Philadelphia-based Wistar Institute, approached the commission, requesting for serious charges on their merits to investigate the contaminated vaccines.

The request from the U.S. government to investigate the production of the polluted polio vaccine due to in-depth research made since the same institute Koprowski prepared the vaccine. Later this gave the established Wistar Panel, consisting of six members a nickname as ‘Wistar Six.’  

The old samples were commissioned to test their merits. More surprising it is the Wistar Institute in turn commissioned to investigate the laboratories of the U.S. CDC and World Health Organization WHO, the two institutions responsible for mass vaccinations in Africa.

It is therefore quite understandable that the two laboratories are never inconclusive about the true infection of the Koprowski’s vaccine. Despite the repeated requests for investigation, they refused to investigate the vaccine from Koprowski and abandoned for an independent investigation. Indeed, Hillary Koprowski in the sixties and seventies as head of the virology department worked in the same Wistar Institute.

Hillary Koprowski was the vice chairman at a congress in which Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of the retrovirus which causes aids was to give evidence over the vaccines infected with SV40 virus. However, it remained that Wistar categorically denied all allegations but, in the ultimate as all Judases perish so shall also the Wistar Institute, the CDC and WHO.

A brief discussion between US Naval Officer Dr. Leonard Peruski and Dutch Journalist Frides Lameris concerning a series of articles on the website of Shout-Africa.

Introduction of US Naval Officer Dr. Leonard Peruski

Most of Peruski's institutions were deeply involved in the dramatic outburst of Ebola and AIDS in Africa. Doctor Peruski, Chief of the Laboratory Section of the International Emerging Infections Program Thailand and also of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), joined the CDC from Indiana University School of Medicine, Northwest Center, where he was Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology (Infectious Disease) and Assistant Director for Research and Graduate Studies. 

Doctor Peruski did graduate studies at the University Of Michigan School Of Medicine, Ann Arbor. Following postdoctoral work in Denver at the National Jewish Hospital, he joined the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda, Maryland.

In 1994, he accepted a commission in the US Navy and was stationed at the Naval Medical Research Unit 3, Cairo, Egypt, where he led a team of laboratory workers to study infectious causes of diarrheal diseases, as well as conducting trials of investigational vaccines and drugs. In 1999, he was transferred to the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, as Head, Microbiology Program, and Biological Defense Research Directorate (BDRD).

During his tenure at BDRD, he was named Chief Scientist, overseeing the research mission of the program. In addition to extensive experience with special pathogens and other infectious disease agents, he worked on many field assignments domestically and internationally. 

Notably, he served as the commander of the joint Department of Defense team that deployed to New York City with the CDC in the aftermath of the anthrax attack in 2001.

Again in 2002, he led a field team of military scientists that provided rapid biological detection capability to the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Dr. Peruski is also an adjunct faculty member at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, and a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserves. 

He has authored or co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications, textbook chapters, and patents in microbiology and emerging infectious diseases.

Interview with Dr. Leonard Peruski

Frides Lameris: “Mister Peruski?  What do you think about the French proved Koch’s postulates on HIV-1 and HIV-2 and their relationship to AIDS decades ago as described by scientist Professor Johan van Dongen?”

Dr. Leonard Peruski: “Sorry, conversation over!!!” Frides impulsively said, but you did not answer my question about the French proved Koch’s postulates on HIV-1 and HIV-2 and their relationship to AIDS decades ago.”

Dr. Leonard Peruski: “Johan Van Dongen has no laboratory or research experience in this area. His work has been discredited by professor Ab Osterhaus and others.”

It's obvious Peruski wasn't aware of the shadowy deals with shares and misinformation about flu epidemics of  Dutch virologist Ab Osterhaus as described below;

(Eds.) Below Johan will show US biowarfare Naval Officer Peruski that he can read and he will elaborate on what he, investigative journalist Joel Savage and scientist and general practitioner Dr. Wolff Geisler described within 1.300 articles on Shout Africa, our blog and at Modernghana as well as within four books.


“Hillary Koprowski and the Factory of Medical, Military, Political and Pharmaceutical Comrades, and how they used genetic engineering techniques to bind diseases into the genes of black skinned people.”

Professor Johan van Dongen, scientist and medical practitioner Wolff Geisler and Belgium/Ghanaian investigative journalist Joel Savage will prove that Thabo Mbeki has a proof, which enabled him to state that: Black people have been made susceptible for diseases by the application of genetic engineering programs for linking diseases into specific genes.

Dear readers, we have explained to you about Japanese, German and American scientific vassals, with meaningless scientific academic titles and hypocritical oaths. Comrades of the establishments who knew each other from the ‘Nazi Era’ and post war period where the Rockefellers were the bosses who paid the bill.

Africa of course was the continent that pays the bill because there they are dying in millions. As for Leonard Peruski of the CDC concerns dear readers we have introduced him to you above as a vasal of the United States Government. Perhaps Peruski could have given some answers about the publications presented and the forthcoming explanation from us, just for homework reasons!

Yes, Johan started as an assistant keeper in an animal laboratory setting, the lowest grade you can imagine. But he considers himself in a position as David because of this very low grade, while he sees Peruski in a personification of Goliath and his vassals. And everyone knows how the story between David and Goliath ended.


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Saturday, March 23, 2019


An oil refinery in Africa

An oil refinery in Africa

Although, colonialism has come to an end in Africa, don’t be deceived, the former colonial powers activities and capabilities on the continent are very limited. They do not intend to give up their positions at key points for their national interests. 

Most indicative is France, whose energy, tied up at nuclear power plants, to a large extent depends on the uninterrupted supply of African uranium. 

Its largest exporter is the West African country Niger, in which the firms controlled by Areva, the state corporation and the leader of the nuclear industry in France, are the operators of the main uranium deposits in the country. 

It worth to note that the French operation Serval in 2013, against the rebels in the North of Mali and on the border with Niger of the Tuareg and radical Islamist groups, and the active bonding together by the United States of the Sahel group of five (Burkina Faso.

At the same time, Areva's activities in Africa, have repeatedly attracted the fire of criticism. After numerous delays, the company agreed to pay compensation for the radioactive contamination and treatment of uranium mining employees in Gabon, where the mines closed in the early 2000s. 

In 2016, after the publication of confidential documents on the WikiLeaks website, a scandal involving uranium mining in the Central African Republic (CAR), produced by the French in 2007-2012, broke out. 

According to released data, Areva with the purchase of the Canadian company UraMin, which led to the extraction of uranium in the Central African Republic until 2007, misled shareholders about its reserves in the country. In fact, the company turned out to be unprofitable, withdrawing from the local market and did not fulfill its obligations to local workers under labor contracts.

Almost in all countries in Africa, where exploration or extraction of hydrocarbons is being conducted to varying degrees, the French company Total operates. The geography of its activities covers both those countries where oil production has been conducted for a long time.

For example, in Nigeria, Angola, and those where the corresponding resources were discovered relatively recently, in East Africa, these are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania; in the West - Guinea, and Mauritania.

Deeply rooted in the African countries, oil and mining mastodons are from The UK. According to 2016 data, the potential cost of all African mineral resources, controlled by UK companies was 1.06 trillion dollars. Including 6.6 billion barrels of oil and 79.5 million ounces of gold. 

Mining giants, Anglo-Swiss Glencore, and Anglo-Australian Rio Tinto are active in the copper belt of Zambia and DR Congo, mining various metals in Western Sahara, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Madagascar. 

The British-Dutch Shell owns oil rigs and oil refineries in Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, and South Africa, while BP gained control of nine oil exploration blocks in Angola and is preparing to enter the Nigerian market.

At the same time, the Anglo-Irish Tullow Oil achieved the most resonant results. In 2007–2010, it prepared and launched oil production at the most promising African Jubilee field in Ghana, discovered large oil reserves in Uganda, Lake Albert, 2006, and Kenya, Lake Turkana, 2012. 

In Uganda, however, after numerous bureaucratic obstacles, legal disputes with the Chinese, as well as ambiguities with transportation, production will start no earlier than 2020 and no longer Tullow Oil, but bought three of its assets in French Total Company.

Friday, March 22, 2019


Scientist Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

Scientist Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

I was born into a Christian family who tries everything to live according to the Bible principles. Growing up in such a strongly religious family, I was made to believe that everything opposite to the Bible principles is a sin, including laziness because Proverbs 10:4, reads "

Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth."

Sitting attentively in class, listening to my teacher during Bible knowledge lessons, I trembled like a leave on a tree being blown by the wind, when my teacher imitating God screamed: "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground." 

Why? because I had no slight idea that Israel, Jerusalem etc, and some of the famous countries in the Bible were all on the same earth we dwell. I thought they were all in heaven. We were forced to learn the ten commandments. If you can say all of them without leaving one behind means you are one of the best pupils.

Out of the ten commandments, we were constantly being reminded of three of them: Thou shall not kill, Thou shall not steal, Respect your father and mother and finally, You must not give false evidence against your neighbor, in other words, thou shall not lie. 

When I became interested in world affairs, I realized that the US government has nothing at all to do with the ten commandments. The US government believes to be a great nation, it's necessary to say: In God we trust or God bless America," but the ten commandments are like abandoned photographs hanging on the wall.

There is no government in the world which commits clandestine crimes than the US government. There is no government in the world which has abused and violated human rights than the US government. There is no country in this world which has caused physical and psychological torture to people around the globe than the US government.

Compiling the crimes of US governments around the globe will be an infinite article, therefore, I have taken a few examples. 


The use of bio-warfare product 'Agent Orange' by America during the Vietnam war leads to many ailments, including crooked spines

The use of bio-warfare product 'Agent Orange' by America during the Vietnam war leads to many ailments, including crooked spines


During the first three weeks of the 2003 Iraq conflict, the U.S. military committed egregious war crimes using radioactive weapons. Even though the Pentagon pledged to never use this technology again, the military command went ahead anyway in the 2003 Iraq conflict, deploying missiles loaded with depleted uranium (DU).

The US and British governments used radioactive weapons on the Iraqis leading to deformity of babies in the country

The US and British governments used radioactive weapons on the Iraqis leading to deformity of babies in the country

More than 2,000 tons of this toxic radioactive waste rained down on the Iraqi people. The radioactive repercussions of DU will continue to plague the Iraqi people for many years to come. The lingering health effects have already begun to take a toll on the health of the U.S. soldiers. Cancer-causing DU has been measured in soldiers’ urine, but the Department of Defense asserts that it’s safe.

  • Mycotoxin substance found in urine, hair and blood samples of African children

A victim of nodding disease tied to a tree to prevent self-injury during a seizure

A victim of nodding disease tied to a tree to prevent self-injury during a seizure

The use of other biological agents, including, Mycotoxin, found in urine, hair, and blood of African children, has caused many deadly diseases, including Burkitt’s Lymphoma, Nodding disease, and Kaposi’s sarcoma. (Research by Dutch scientist Johan Van Dongen and the German doctor, Wolff Geisler.)

The scientific origin of the Zika virus is that the virus is named after the Ugandan Zikabos because it was there for the first time in 1947, isolated from the blood of a Rhesus monkey. It was only in 1968, the virus succeeded in demonstrating in people.

The Zika virus is endemic in large parts of Africa. As a result of human influences, the virus also surfaced in Asia, including countries in Central Asia, South East Asia, and Yap Island (Micronesia) in the Pacific.

Victims of man-made disease or bio-weapon, Zika virus

Victims of man-made disease or bio-weapon, Zika virus

At that specific time, the fear is that the virus will quickly spread through the different islands in the Pacific Ocean will and eventually reach the American continent. That fear has become a reality by ending up in South America and Germany today, the country of Hitler.

The Zika virus in South America, adds as a third virus disease, which can be transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, shows symptoms that match a mild form of dengue, including joint pain, headache, and fever. However, since there is no ordinary mosquito bite which can cause the head of a baby to shrink, it’s now known to be a biological weapon.

  • Aids and Ebola Depopulation biological weapons to prevent a population explosion and to take control of Africa's resources.
Apart from Dr. Robert Gallo who created the Aids virus, there were varieties of wide experiments of dubious scientists, including a crook called Hillary Koprowski in Africa. Later there was a hunt to catch this man.

An Aids victim waiting for the time to die

An Aids victim waiting for the time to die

On his normal course of business, he used genetically contaminated engineered vaccines on innocent children in Africa. The astonishing part behind the Aids spread in Africa is, the victims were also deliberately infected with tuberculosis at the same time.

When Ebola struck West Africa, the response to save Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea was very slow. While 10,000 infected people were dying, Europe and America have closed its borders and Obama sent a battalion of US soldiers to the afflicted countries instead of medical doctors.

A victim of Ebola in the Republic of Guinea

A victim of Ebola in the Republic of Guinea

With all such wickedness going on in this world, African leaders remain silent about the massacre of Africans by taking money from the US government in the fight against Aids and Ebola in Africa, knowing perfectly well that they are biological bioweapons.

How do you expect Africa to be a successful continent? And if you think America is a successful country despite the crimes the country commits, then you just deceiving yourself. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2016 alone, there were 44,965 recorded suicides, up from 42,773 in 2014. The African continent has the lowest suicide rate in the world.

Finally, it still hurts me that a family man like scientist Johan Van Dongen has to be taken off from his post when he was giving lectures at the University of Maastricht in Holland because he revealed in his books that Aids and Ebola were medical crimes by the US government. 

Microsurgeon and scientist Johan Van Dongen

Microsurgeon and scientist Johan Van Dongen

With such uncountable clandestine crimes perpetrated by the US government around the globe, why do people call America a great country? Is that what greatness stands for, killing and maiming people? How can African leaders even be blessed by collaborating with these murderers in sheep clothing?

African leaders are partly responsible for the suffering of Africans today. Whatever goes around comes around, that's my belief. There is no sin that goes unpunished. You may escape punishment, yet your children or grandchildren will pay dearly for it. Therefore, America, beware!