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Monday, December 10, 2018


Peter Piot in Congo - They call him the disease detective, actually he is a disease planter

Peter Piot in Congo - They call him the disease detective, actually he is a disease planter

The so-called Belgium discoverer of the Ebola virus, Peter Piot, in Congo, in 1976, after the explosion of the disease in the inhabitants near River Ebola, knew the Crimean virus exactly and similar to Ebola existed since 1943. There is no scientist who can lack that knowledge.

Peter Piot, together with his friend professor Guido van der Groen and Joe McCormick from the American Centers for Disease Control CDC (who had a biowarfare agenda) investigated the so-called mysterious double hemorrhagic fever epidemic in Zaïre and Sudan in 1976. 

Together with Karl Johnson, another famous virus-hunter who completed the group, they discussed the name of a virus causing the hemorrhagic virus epidemic explosion.

Because Karl Johnson often gives names of rivers to a discovered virus they discussed the majestic Congo River, the nearest river in the outbreak area, but because of fear people might think the virus was spread by this enormous river they excluded this name. 

So they took the map of Zaïre and looked to the nearest river from the spot of the epidemic and this happens to be Ebola River or Black River in Lingala. But in no way, there is any connection between hemorrhagic fever and Ebola River. 

In fact, Ebola River wasn't even the closest river from their mission in Yambuku. Still, they decided for the name Ebolavirus because they become tired of finding the right name.

Why is it that scientists want to give names to viruses? That question is very easy to answer because that enables to call themselves the discoverer of the virus which hopefully provides them with fame, money and the Nobel-prize. 

But in fact, Marburgvirus, Crimeanvirus, Congo Crimeanvirus, and Ebolavirus are completely identical only genetic engineered. Stolen names for a virus from whom all mentioned scientists knew it was invented in biowarfare laboratories.

Professor Guido van der Groen

Besides researching the Ebolavirus, Guido van de Groen has contributed a great deal on the research of the Aids virus. For his work regarding the Aids virus, Van der Groen received an Award from the Social Youth Action, an organization dedicated to fighting against HIV/AIDS in Belgium and developing countries.

The now-retired professor has an impressive number of 269 published articles and made a great contribution to virology. The question is why Belgian minister De Croo didn’t speak of Van der Groen during an Ebola conference?

During the speech of Belgium Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, at the conference of “Ebola: from Emergency to Recovery,” on March 3, 2015, he overlooked the audience. Amongst them was Her Majesty, Queen Mathilde. 

Was it because Van der Groen has said earlier that Ebola was a man-made disease in a USA laboratory for Bio-warfare purposes? Or does De Croo knew Ebola was an invention for biowarfare and depopulation purposes?

Ebola Pandemic Rises At The Horizon

The Democratic Republic Congo DRC knows that a further pandemic Ebola outbreak is a distinct possibility and, whilst hoping for the best, they planned for the worst. 

We need to learn from the DRC’s experience in order to be prepared for the horror of an act of a pandemic biological warfare. After all, it is also a distinct possibility and arguably just a matter of time having Ebola in a war zone and rebels who will not hesitate to use Ebola.

How prepared are our governments, let alone our airports, to manage a bio attack? A chemical weapons attack would be bad enough, but the SARS crisis demonstrated the longevity of the impact of an infected society and the need to rapidly implement measures to contain a disease. 

Yet how many airports have developed contingency plans against an Ebola attack, let alone tested them, as a result?

In 2014 the World Health Organization (WHO) was widely criticized for failing to anticipate that an outbreak of Ebola in a remote forested region of south-eastern Guinea would trigger a public health emergency of international concern (pheic). 

In explaining the WHO’s failure, critics have pointed to structural restraints on the United Nations organization and a leadership ‘vacuum’ in Geneva, among other factors. And now at this very moment fear become reality because the latest Ebola outbreak is within a remote area and moreover in a war zone.

One of the most damning verdicts came from Dame Barbara Stocking, the chair of the WHO’s Ebola Interim Assessment Panel. Expressing bafflement as to why ‘early warnings during the West African Ebola outbreak did not result in an effective and adequate response’, Stocking concluded that what had been lacking was ‘independent and courageous decision-making by the Director-General Chan and the WHO Secretariat’.

Stocking recommended that to avoid such mistakes in future the WHO should consider an intermediate level of alert to draw the attention of the global health community to events falling between routine public health risks and those that might require the declaration of a pheic.

Harvard’s Global Health Institute and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LHSTM) was similarly critical of senior officials in Geneva. 

However, rather than laying the failures at the door of a single individual, the panel concluded that the slow response reflected a lack of clarity about a range of governance issues across the WHO, as well as the roles and responsibilities of member countries, and proposed ‘ten essential reforms’ to the organization. Meanwhile, other groups identified ‘gaping holes in preparedness.’

WHO officials informed Oliver Johnson in Freetown in March 2014, ‘Ebola doesn’t cause urban outbreaks’. But, of course, Ebola had never been observed as far west as Guinea before. 

Belgium scientists Peter Piot and Guido Van Der Groen in Congo in the early seventies- What were they doing in Congo before Ebola occurred in 1976?

Belgium scientists Peter Piot and Guido Van Der Groen in Congo in the early seventies- What were they doing in Congo before Ebola occurred in 1976? 

Nor had previous outbreaks occurred close to the borders of three countries or in a region where protracted civil wars had left weakened and fragmented health systems and a legacy of distrust between rural populations and urban political elites. 

Nor had previous outbreaks visited border regions with such mobile populations or where new road and transport systems had greatly reduced travel times between villages and cities.

Situation Report December 10, 2018

Ebola epidemic is observed far east
Ebola is observed close to borders of three countries and more
Ebola is observed in a civil warzone
Ebola is observed between rural populations and urban political elites
With such mobile populations or where new road and transport systems
Ebola is starting to cause urban outbreaks

Everybody knew in Western Africa Ebola is spreading faster and more widely than anticipated, the WHO and other agencies appeared to become paralyzed by fear, further delaying the deployment of responders to West Africa.

This paralysis is best understood as a result of the misleading early media reports from Guinea and Liberia, reports that played on the popular image of Ebola as a highly infectious hot virus with the ability to cause severe hemorrhaging and other terrifying clinical symptoms.

But communities in the affected countries did not buy into this image of Ebola; instead, their fears were driven by rumors and scientific information about the ‘real’ motivations of foreign medical teams and distrust of ETUs.

Social resistance further aggravated by bans on traditional burials and the failure to adopt community engagement methods that had proved so effective in winning the trust of rural populations during Ebola outbreaks in other parts of Africa, evidence of yet another aspect of the neglect of knowledge of Ebola as a bio-warfare agent.

And this is exactly why the United States of America has retracted their CDC employees out of fear they will be killed by rebel forces. Africans have lost their trust in foreign powers forever... Indeed the Ebola pandemic rises at the horizon...

Sunday, December 9, 2018


The Nigerian and Ghanaian leaders, Muhammadu Buhari and Nana Akufo-Addo – photo credit: premiumtimesng.

The Nigerian and Ghanaian leaders, Muhammadu Buhari and Nana Akufo-Addo – photo credit: premiumtimesng.

“We cannot seal ourselves. The best way to protect Americans from the disease is to eliminate its source in West Africa.” That’s the statement Obama made after his administration triggered Ebola hemorrhagic fever on innocent people in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia in the year 2014.

Aftermath, the media writes - The disease caused by the Ebola virus was first recorded 1976, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which could threaten and further spread the disease, but none of the media despite having qualified health writers or correspondents has openly said the Ebola virus is a biological weapon.

However, at the moment, there is no need for the truth, just like the Aids, everyone knows that Ebola is a biological weapon created by the US military scientists and tested on Africans for military defending purpose, to take possession of the continent's rich resources and the pharmaceutical companies to make money out of the misery of the victims.

Nobody wants to speak the truth about Aids and Ebola. The US government, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, Tedros Gebreyesus, the Director-General of WHO, the media, including CNN and the BBC, have all lied. That is frightening indeed when all these organizations and people the world depends on and trusted could become professional liars in such a way.

Another issue which of late has become a talk of the town is – According to the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control, Ebola has no cure, this is the reason the victims of Ebola in the recent outbreak in Congo are receiving trial vaccines to determine the right vaccine.

Yet, in 2014, two American doctors infected with Ebola in West Africa were saved. The two patients who got the deadly virus in Liberia were cured with experimental drugs and were declared fit to stay in the society.

According to the American media, the two, patients, Wrightbol and Kevin Brantley, were taken on a specially equipped aircraft to the United States and underwent intensive treatment in the infectious diseases ward of the University of Emory Atlanta. During treatment, Wrightbol and Brantley took an experimental drug, ZMapp, developed by a California-based pharmaceutical company.

Thank you, experimental drug – ZMapp, but then why the victims of the recent Ebola in Congo weren’t treated with Zmapp, instead they are being used as guinea pigs in testing many vaccines to find the right one which will subdue the disease in Congo? Dear wise thinkers, does this make sense to you?

In fact, the US government, the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control and the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Gebreyesus, the media, including CNN and BBC, have lied for too long that there is no more an empty space to accommodate the lies.

According to Gebreyesus, now the health authorities "have more funds than before to fight Ebola.” This statement is to give hope to victims to stop the panic over the possible spread of the disease to Europe and America.

Africans have no value, among the human race. Eugenics, the science of improving population doesn’t consider them as human beings, therefore, we need to understand that if health workers are fighting against Ebola in Congo or West Africa, doesn’t mean that they are there to save the lives of Africans but to prevent the disease from spreading to Europe and America like how it happened with the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Aids).

The statement of Obama, “We cannot seal ourselves. The best way to protect Americans from the disease is to eliminate its source in West Africa,” confirms it. It's hard to know the mind of people but what we know is Africans are not disappointed to be Africans but disappointed over the type of leaders we have on the continent.

The only thing they know best is the corruption inspired politics and the fight for power, without any plan or experience to save the common African. The US government has closed its gates, preventing immigrants to come into America because they consider them a threat to national security. According to Trump, they are criminals

African leaders have the right to investigate the origin of Ebola and do something about it because, like Aids, Ebola is a biological weapon to depopulate Africa, The disease has nothing to do with bats, bush meat, or monkeys, revealing that those responsible have criminal intentions than the immigrants that want to enter into America.

Before the white man discovered the medicine for malaria, there wasn't any development in Africa, yet Africans survived the jungle, while the white men died in agony (The white man’s grave), then all of a sudden developing Africa was hit by Ebola in Congo-1976, from there re-emerged in 2014, to strike Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Which nation can accept this nonsense? Only a ‘Shithole nation’ Africa, because we have the kind of leaders who have been subdued by America’s irresistible dollars to become the supporters of depopulation on African soil. Why is it that anything which is not possible in developed countries is possible in Africa?

This must come to an end, not sooner or later but now, pathetic African leaders.


Ghanaian Demonstrators Against Setting Up Of The US Military Base in Ghana

Ghanaian Demonstrators Against Setting Up Of The US Military Base in Ghana

In March, this year, thousands of Ghanaians rallied in the streets of Accra to protest a deal that would have given the United States military an expanded role in Ghana.

The deal was about the United States $20 million investment in equipment and training for the Ghanaian military, carrying out joint exercises with Ghana and using the nation’s radio channels and runways.

It’s only an illiterate, who has zero knowledge about the political history or clandestine crimes of the US government around the globe, will heartily accept such a deal or call it something beneficial to Ghana.

I wouldn’t have known this had it been that I am in Africa. The US government has influenced many corrupt African leaders with money, with the promise that they need small cooperative security locations to help African nations fight extremist groups and other security threats.

Even though Africa is a threat to certain terrorist groups, it’s not as serious as Europe and the United States of America. How many times terrorists have struck France, Belgium, Britain and the United States of America, yet the US claim the setting up of its base in Ghana will help the state fight against terrorism? That can’t be.

Africa was of relatively little concern to the U.S. military during the Cold War, therefore, why all of a sudden the US government decided to build US military base across Africa? The reasons are simple and logical.

Africa's fast population needs a solution. Bill Gates has already said that Africa must be depopulated to save the immigration crisis in Europe. The US military presence in Africa will do the job clandestinely, like that of Ebola, and to be closer to Africa's vast resources.

I am just a mere writer without any knowledge about biological weapons until I had classified documents from scientist Johan Van Dongen and Dr. Wolff Geisler to reveal the origin of Aids and Ebola as biological weapons.

I can’t express my joy when I read about the bold demonstration in Ghana against such military base set up in Ghana, the fact, I read from both documents that the US military scientists are responsible for creating the biological weapons and their favourite place to plant them is inside African jungles.

I didn’t doubt the contents of the documents at all because when Ebola broke out in West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, while many health officials were working round the clock to save lives, the World Health Organization intentionally respond late for the victims to die.

Again, instead of sending health officials to save the victims, Obama sent a battalion of US soldiers to the affected countries. To do what? Since Ebola is a biological weapon by the US military, they have enough knowledge to handle the situation.

Fellow Ghanaians, I don’t have anything to give to you than to thank you will all my heart to prevent the US government from setting a military base in the country. 

Obama sends the military to fight Ebola in Congo, instead of health workers

Obama sends the military to fight Ebola in Congo, instead of health workers

You people are great and don’t even know how you have saved our dear country from wolves in sheep’s clothing. I know that most of my articles are probing but I am doing that for my dear nation Ghana.

Ghana is capable of maintaining its own security and family planning, we don’t need the US government on our soil to depopulate our country with dangerous vaccines and tell Africans that the diseases Aids and Ebola were caused by monkeys, bush meat and bats.