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Sunday, October 13, 2019


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

There is a reason Donald Trump is different from all American presidents. He does things past American leaders didn’t do and also says things no American leader said.

At a rally on Thursday, President Donald Trump mocked the Democratic and former vice-president under the Obama administration, Joe Biden, that he "understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass."

Trump didn’t only mock Joe Biden but also his son, Hunter Biden at length, accusing them of corruption.

According to Trump, "The Bidens got rich, and that is substantiated, while America got robbed," Trump said. "Sleepy Joe and his friends sold out America."

For Trump, Biden was never considered intelligent and he was never considered a good senator. The president then went on the counter-attack on the Ukraine-gate, targeting Biden's son, Hunter.

Trump has asked the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate and obstruct the run for the White House of the former vice president.

The crowd then re-launched the slogan 'in jail' addressed to Joe Biden, the same one used against Hillary Clinton, Trump's Democratic rival at the 2016 presidential election.

Trump accused Biden of trying to have a Ukrainian prosecutor removed in 2016 when he was still serving as vice president because he was investigating the Burisma company, where Hunter worked as a board member.

"The Democrats are sick and crazy people, who investigate the president to clear your 2016 vote as if he had never existed. They want to cancel your voice and your future,” says Donald Trump.

This is really the ugly side of America's Democracy and many are now asking what is left at all to learn from America, a country always persuading and convincing the world as a great country?

Despite Trump has thousands of admirers and also thousands of enemies. Ever since he became president, he has feuded with many celebrities, insulting them on Twitter.

Some of the celebrities paid back with insults, for example, apart from Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, George Clooney and Cher, among those who have insulted Donald Trump, Johnny Depp of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean,’ fame also called Trump a ‘Brat.’

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


African leaders happily clapping with Xi Jinping

African leaders happily clapping with Xi Jinping

Poverty, despair, coups d'état, immigration, these are what usually, Europe and the United States of America generally speaking of Africa, a continent with immense problems, without solutions.

But the continent often referred to as the ‘Dark Continent,’ in terms of colour and also ‘Shithole Countries,’ by Donald Trump, is a place of opportunity for the same people disrespecting Africa.

It seems Africa doesn’t value what it has or simply can’t utilize its resources, thus; through political strategy, Africa always remains poor, while the parasites get richer, developed and secured.

You must, therefore, understood the great potential that China has discovered in Africa, after colonization.  Thus, while on the one hand there is a destabilized and politically instability in Africa, China is rapidly making a fortune on the continent with its bait as a loan.

Last September, when 50 African heads of state were present in the great Peoples Hall in BeijingXi Jinping, the Chinese leader, announced  $ 60 billion of investments in Africa among infrastructure projects, loans, and special funds. 

A figure that is the crowning achievement of policy carried out for years and that has made Beijing a key factor for the future of the black continent. As Europe and America, China sees Africa as a fundamental outlet for economic prosperity.

Chinese projects in Africa, involved huge investments and no political interference in the internal affairs of the beneficiary countries, on the basis of the historical Chinese foreign policy line. 

China has completely taken over Africa helping the development of East Africa too, in areas where Chinese companies are present in mass, amid infrastructure and modernization projects.

Imagine the railway from Djibouti to Ethiopia, according to sources, it could reach the west coast of Africa. China’s presence is also noticeable from Kenya to Tanzania and to Zimbabwe

Recently, an important series of trade agreements with Nigeria and Burkina Faso were closed after the latter broke off its diplomatic relations with Taiwan. 

The Confucius Institute, Beijing's historic vehicle for teaching Chinese and soft power, has even arrived in Senegal, on the west coast of Africa, promoting cultural exchanges between the continent and China. 

It is, therefore, no coincidence that a number of young Africans studying in China is constantly increasing. Beijing has also present militarily in Africa, with its first permanent base abroad, stationed in Djibouti.

China's goal is the development of Africa, capable of emancipating itself from the historic western domination but the truth is China has captured and chained the continent with loans.

Is it necessary at all for Africa to liberate itself from colonial aggression to be in the hands of cunning China?  

Well, you will be surprised to hear that despite the West and America antagonism relations with China, African leaders love them because the West underdeveloped the continent while China is developing it.

Saturday, October 5, 2019


Genitals made of wood and soft materials were used for a while in Basel schools for sex education classes – photo credit:

Genitals made of wood and soft materials were used for a while in Basel schools for sex education classes – photo credit:

President Akufo Addo, once again, is facing confrontation, this time not disapproval over a Cathedral project or adding the French language to the Ghana Education Service curriculum but his decision to introduce Comprehensive Sexuality Education in public schools.

What is sexual education which has sparked arguments and hostility in the country, leading to a threat by the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches that: if Comprehensive Sexuality Education is not entirely withdrawn, the NPP will see its ultimate defeat in the forthcoming elections?

Sexual education refers to the provision of scientific, biological and physiological information to a child about the structure of the human body, differences between representatives of different sexes and norms of human behavior during natural sexual manifestations.

In recent months, the World Health Organization has published a report on the impact of sex education about unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, episodes of sexual abuse and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Since social conventions and gender discrimination have a great influence on the expression of sexuality and sexual behavior, they argue that a good quality of sex education can have a positive impact on attitudes and shared values.

In the United States and many European countries, sexuality education classes have been around for decades and according to governments that want sex education to be taught at school, the subject is important because it concerns the whole person and holds together the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and interactive aspects of sexuality. 

It does not encourage children and young people to have sex, but supports their sexual development and gives them the tools to learn the principles of human reproduction and to explore emotions and feelings, interpersonal and family relationships.

However, not every government or country is interested in teaching sex education in schools. Even some religious organizations in both Europe and America are against sex education in schools because they believe parents are those responsible to teach their children over such issues considered a taboo by many.

For example, By Stefano Gennarini, J.D., Marianna Orlandi, Ph.D., and Rebecca Oas, Ph.D, of Center For Family and Human Rights, have presented “Seven Reasons to Reject “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.”

Children need and deserve guidance, not only information. Whatever we tell children, we also teach them. And what we teach them will shape their personalities, attitudes, and values throughout their entire lives.

The term “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) encompasses most sex education for school-aged children that emphasizes risk-reduction techniques as opposed to character-based education that provides children with skills and tools to avoid risks altogether.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education, sometimes called Comprehensive Education on Human Sexuality has entered classrooms all over the world. A modern form of sex- education, it has no age limit, starting from pre-school and accompanying children all the way through high school and into adulthood.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education usually implies an approach to human sexuality far from what the majority of parents deem fit for their children. Curricula professing to represent a CSE approach are replete with controversial topics, including teaching very young children about sexual pleasure, sexual orientation, gender identity, and access to and use of contraceptives, abortion, and other drugs and medical procedures that carry their own health risks.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education is also likely to jeopardize their health and wellbeing. While CSE is frequently invoked as a way to prevent teenage pregnancies, the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs – also referred to as sexually transmitted infections—STIs), and even violence against women and girls, CSE may, in fact, undermine its professed goals.

 United Nations agencies and international organizations have drafted CSE guidelines and remain among the strongest advocates of its further implementation at all levels. Information about CSE can be found in UN documents, reports published by international organizations, CSE advocates, or other sex education and children’s health providers.

United Nations Member States are not bound to accept or legitimize CSE in UN resolutions and programming; nor are they obliged to implement CSE curricula at the national level. In fact, based on the evidence below, they should reject both the terms and the ideology behind CSE to protect the best interests of the child.