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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump: The American government has lost respect in the eyes of the Korean leader for killing innocent people with bio-weapons Aids and Ebola and cowardly covered up

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump: The American government has lost respect in the eyes of the Korean leader for killing innocent people with bio-weapons Aids and Ebola and cowardly covered up

The American government sees every nation which doesn't follow democracy and can't control, as a threat to national security and an enemy.

However, what the American government has failed to understand is not every country is interested in America's corrupt democracy, therefore, they shouldn't wage a 'war' with those not interested.

America and North Korea have been engaged in a verbal war for some time now and like always America thinks they get the upper hand to intimidate, manipulate, bully and scare its opponents.

These are ten facts that America shouldn't ignore to be careful about North Korea 

1. Dwelling on its military prowess America has fought and won wars in less powerful countries such as Libya and Iraq but winning wars in those oil rich countries shouldn't deceive the government that they can easily defeat North Korea. 

2.  The American military prepared contingency plans, invaded Panama in 1989 and ousted their leader, Manuel Noriega. North Korea is different from Panama and Kim Jong-Un is not Noriega. 

3. After ignoring and disrespecting America by testing ballistic missiles, the frustrated American government has realized that Kim Jong-Un can't be tamed, therefore, the American government is contemplating a change of government in North Korea. 

It will be America's greatest failure in its political history if they make any attempt to topple Kim Jong -Un because the North Korean leader knows the weakness of America, thus, he is well prepared for America in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

4. Kim Jong-Un is a natural born intrepid. A leader who will never beg or kowtow for any country for peace. Even if hungry, he will never ask the American government for food. Such a person is very dangerous, therefore, America shouldn't underestimate him.

5. Kim Jong-Un is not like an African leader, the American government can dominate and tell what to do. The most hated country in his diary is the United States of America, thus; he is always looking for a way to hurt the government. Such a person, America should try to avoid. He is dangerous.

6. The North Korean leader has no sympathy for the nationals of any country he hates. The reason he put Otto Warmbier in a vegetative state to die prematurely in America. The American government couldn't do anything about it because they can't. It's very wise that the government has warned Americans travelling to the North Korea. 

7. The North Korean leader was the first world leader to expose the American government for testing Ebola in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. That was the second bio-warfare product tested after Aids but Ebola is active and deadly. 

This a direct warning to the American government that "I am not scared of you." Frankly speaking, the man hasn't any fear for America. What provoked him most was the fact that America did by called him a killer. You can't call someone a killer, while you are responsible for a medical genocide which has killed millions of people around the globe. The Americans know that. 

8. It's a fact Kim Jong-Un killed his own security officials and his half brother. He didn't deny it but the American government denied using bio-weapons Aids and Ebola in Africa. This shows the cowardliness of America. This is one of the reasons Kim Jong-Un has no respect for the American government because they are coward.

9. The American government shouldn't dream of building any hate between North Koreans and their leader. There is no American dream in that country and there are no guns killing them, they are, therefore, loyal to their leader.

10. Finally, the time of America as a leader or Superpower is over. Everyone is sick and tired of their bullies and above all the Aids and Ebola epidemic crime they covered up have decimated the world and inflated global health cost to the extent that many countries aren't delighted to see the face of any American leader.

Many world leaders, including Africa, have now realized that the American leaders are white-collar criminals that commit crimes and escape punishment. George Bush did it in Iraq but he is free, while Charles Taylor of Liberia is in jail for a similar crime.

The International Criminal Court is now getting virtually empty since some African countries began pulling out. There will be a time American allies will not give any support and the country will fight its battles alone and those stupid to join America will be miserably defeated.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Sad Belgian football fans

Sad Belgian football fans

The truth is bitter than the bile and one of the European countries that committed horrible crimes in Africa, yet wouldn't like to be reminded or nobody talks about it is Belgium.

Yesterday, we published an article about the massive corruption within Belgium politics, by Kristof Titeca, a lecturer at the Institute of Development Policy at the University of Antwerp, working on governance and conflict in Central Africa. He lives in Brussels.

As usual, we posted the article on various social media, including Reddit, under the world news category. Then the article was reposted on Belgium's branch on Reddit.

Today, we received a mail from Reddit that we have been banned from posting on the Belgium branch. Below is the contents of the email we received.

You've been banned from participating in r/Belgium

You have been banned from participating in r/Belgium. You can still view and subscribe to r/Belgium, but you won't be able to post or comment.

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/Belgium by replying to this message.

Reminder from the Reddit staff: 

If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

Opinion of the writers of this blog

We understand the frustration and pain of those Belgians responsible for the ban because our articles are like sharp spears piercing through their flesh. 

That is very painful indeed but it wouldn't even affect us if we are banned totally from the platform 'Reddit,' let alone the Belgium branch.

We have experienced such negative consequences from various social platforms that hate the truth but it didn't affect us in any way because people are hungry for the truth, not Belgium Waffles or chocolates.

The reason despite the oppression our blog still remains one of the best widely read health blogs. We also like to publish such articles for our readers to know despite the world's serious crisis, there are still people out there trying hard to suppress the truth.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Greed, selfishness, lies, hypocrisy, and crime are responsible for the major part of today's world crisis

Greed, selfishness, lies, hypocrisy, and crime are responsible for the major part of today's world crisis

A poem by Daniel Sackey - Inspired by the songs of Bob 


Just look around us

As you and I know

CRISIS everywhere

The world is full of lies, hypocrisy, corruption, and wickedness

And politicians rule with the same dirty minds

So much have been said by the bald heads

But nothing gets better

Crisis everywhere

Our children are having difficulties at school

They tell them that there is no God so live the life you want

Some grow up to be monsters and chronic racists

Inspired by hate they draw guns killing each other 

The result is crisis everywhere

Politicians and church leaders have all gone astray

They swear the oath saying help me, God

But God doesn't help in molesting children,

God doesn't help in abusing young boys either

The result is crisis everywhere

The leaders think power belongs to  them

So they kill innocent people

Through contaminated vaccines

The call it global depopulation

But innocent blood can't be shed without punishment

The result is crisis everywhere

Everyone thinks he is right

The terrorist plant explosives on him to kill

And in jubilation those responsible shouts 'Allahu Akbar'

But God has no pleasure in wickedness

So crisis everywhere

Politicians are always scared

Because they must have done something wrong

Or hidden something they think no one knows about it

But time will tell

When the spirit of those murdered

With Aids and Ebola will demand justice

And the children of the bio-weapon victims will weep no more

When they see the sycamore tree

The tree of freedom and liberty

No matter what the crisis is the children will cry for justice

I just can't express how could I ever

Give you more to receive less

It's shocking for a particular race 

To be targeted in such a way

But the dirty experience of the black man

Reveals we have something special 

They can never take away

Yes, they can't take away our natural sun

And they can't take away our natural resources

From Great Ancient Africa

Africans in the Diaspora will wake up

With happiness, they will sing a joyful song

No more sadness, only tears of joy

Because the black man has survived the world’s cruelties

Slavery, oppression, colonization, Apartheid, Aids, Ebola

But they can’t stand any of these themselves

They are so scared that they close borders

To prevent the taste of their own medicine

But punishment comes in many ways

While Africans live by hope and faith in God

They are committing suicide

Oh! God forgive them and save their tormented souls