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Monday, November 19, 2018


A victim of Ebola in Africa

A victim of Ebola in Africa

Sometimes, the way world leaders deal with an issue which threatens the world’s security and puts the lives of people in danger shows it’s a crime against humanity. 

Already, people have started asking: Why Ebola keeps on ravaging Congo (Africa), yet Donald Trump and other world leaders, including Africa, haven’t said anything about it?

How can Donald Trump or African leaders answer such a question? At the end of it all, an illiterate in the remotest part of Africa, who can’t even write his name, can tell his fellow African that “these Americans want to kill Africans again after Aids.” Oh yes, it’s damn true, not an exaggeration.

The outbreak of Ebola seventeen times in Congo, since its first outbreak in 1976, reveals that it’s neither a bat, flying bird, insects, nor bushmeat which is responsible for the spread of Ebola in Congo. 

The Ebola virus is a biological weapon engineered from the laboratories of the US government, period.

If Ebola is not a biological weapon or a medical crime, after Aids, why world leaders wouldn’t show any concern, instead they are worried about the deadly disease getting into the hands of terrorist groups? 

America and its allies have gambled on the blood of innocent victims in the past, and have enjoyed impunity but not this time. They pay for it no matter how long it takes.

The initial plan of the Aids virus was to depopulate Africa or kill black people. Every intelligent person, whether educated or not needs to ask this question: They said poverty caused the rapid spread of Aids in Africa, did poverty also cause the rapid spread of Aids in African-Americans?  

Why the black population in both Africa and the United States of America has the highest HIV-AIDS infection at the same time?

According to the World Health Organization, Aids came to America as a result of monkeys brought to America from the Philippines, did those monkeys made a transit in Africa before the United States of America? 

You see, this how man has dominated man to his injury. The world is cruel; with leaders without conscience and integrity.

The power of money has influenced them to turn their back against God to commit grave crimes but they will pay for every crime they have committed. Yes, the blood of the innocent victims will cry for justice, whether they claim responsibility for the evil actions or not. 

Nothing is going well in this crazy world, therefore, it’s now assumed that Satan rules this world but who is the Satan? Satan is everyone causing misery against his own brother or sister for their selfish gain. 

Lies and hypocrisy are now included in the policy of every government because they can’t do without them.

Health officials fighting to subdue Ebola in Congo are being interviewed, appearing on CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera,  but these health officials are not in Congo to fight Ebola because of sympathy or love for the Congolese. 

They are there to avoid the spread of the disease to Europe and the United States of America. That’s all, they think we don’t know?

Everyone knows that because the past experience in regards to slavery, colonialism, Apartheid, and medical crimes, such as Aids and Ebola, are enough to warn the black man that they are species that don’t deserve to live. 

Actually, if Europe and America are winning their devilish actions to destroy Africa, the suicide rate wouldn’t be higher in their continents than Africa.

That means that whatever they are doing to Africa rather makes the population strong and tough to survive, while they kill themselves every day. 

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, every year, about 44, 965 people commit suicide, while in 2017, there were 6,213 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The latter figure it can’t even be registered in the entire African continent in a year.

The blood of Aids and Ebola victims are calling for justice, and until that justice is given to them we will see the worse in our world ever recorded in any political history.

The political unrest taking place worldwide, including Africa, is just the tip of the iceberg. Politicians will toil from morning till evening without achieving anything significant and the continent which will suffer most will be Africa, like always because our leaders are ungrateful.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Miserable African children in mineral resources rich Africa

 Miserable African children in mineral resources rich Africa

Apparently, Africa is the richest continent in the world, and even much richer than Europe if we are talking about natural resources. 30% of the mineral resources of the planet are in Africa, unfortunately, the continent can't utilize their resources, resulting in corruption, poverty, and slow development.

Oil, uranium, gold, diamonds, cobalt, bauxite, iron ore, are some of the precious resources found in Africa. Besides, the continent also has biodiversity, which is still incredibly rich, despite ruthless exploitation.

It doesn't really make sense how rich Africa is, yet millions of people live in poverty due to many illicit reasons, such as fraud, embezzlement, and over-invoice, collectively deemed as corruption. Frankly speaking, African politics is not for the masses but for the politicians fighting to be in power.

Because of the corruptible nature of African politics Europe and America media are fastinated, writing all kinds of bad news against Africa, yet, they wouldn't write that the clandestine activities, such as slavery, colonialism, Apartheid, and man-made diseases have affected the development of the continent.

Every year, Africa's poverty drives mass departure of Africans in the search of greener pastures in Europe, causing the biggest immigration chaos throughout in Europe, especially in Italy.

This serves the interests of the imperialist companies and local rulers because they want to drive out the people in order to have better control over this gigantic wealth. Such is the patriarchal and condescending attitude inherited from missionary time.

Again, it is also impossible to read anywhere that five of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa, and no one discusses how helpful this rich continent can offer Europe and America. 

Not at all, the mainstream media wouldn't say "Africa is helpful to the economies of Europe and America but they love to say that it is a shithole corruptible continent." God only knows the kind of heads African leaders carry on their body. It's sad because people are really suffering in Africa in the abundance of resources.

Western Europe shamelessly robbed Africa during the colonial era.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo was once the property of a lunatic king Leopold II of Begium. Since after independence Belgium lost the country, Congo has never been stable, either political unrest, war, or the spread of Ebola.

The country has large reserves of columbite-tantalite, which is absolutely necessary for everything from mobile phones to computers and game equipments. According to some analyses, in the Congo, there are still unused raw materials at a value of 24 trillion dollars.

Africa is very rich in oil and gas also, and many others. In Ghana and Mali, for example, there is gold (the third largest reserves in Africa), bauxite, iron ore, and phosphates. In 2010, the EU made a list of 14 strategic minerals, which are almost absent in Europe but available in China and Africa. 

Desite all the resources the continent doesn't gain much, instead, it's like a carcass attracting a flock of vultures from Europe and Americe to the continent, which is why Emmanuel Macron in France launched a neocolonial attack on this continent. According to United Nation's forecasts, the population of Africa will double amounting 2.5 billion people between 2016 and 2050.

This is about the same number of the world's population during the era of the Second World War. The question is whether our planet will sustain such a population growth. However, it should be quite clear that migration is not the solution to these problems.

The salvation of Africa lies in the hands of the corruptible African leaders. The liberation of Africa from imperialism and neo-colonialism is a sole task of African leaders. 

Europeans and Americans don't even have any respect for you, therefore, give what belongs to Africa to Africans and let them control their own resources.


Demonstration against Ebola in Africa

Demonstration against Ebola in Africa

As of today, November 17, 2018, Donald Trump, together with his National Security Adviser John Bolton, the United States has forbidden to redistribute Centers for Disease Control CDC personnel to combat the outbreak of Ebola in the Congo due to worsening security concerns. 

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical plant Merck & Co announced that it has initiated the rolling submission of a biologics license application (BLA) to the FDA for its Ebola vaccine candidate V920.

Yes, Merck takes a key step toward the approval of experimental Ebola vaccine and it has begun the process of submitting the evidence it will use to seek approval for its experimental Ebola vaccine. 

And the scientists and CDC employees, afraid of entering the Democratic Republic Congo DRC, are collecting blood samples from the trial and error Ebola victims in neighboring countries to avoid being killed by rebels.

But Merck's biggest problem is how to determine whether any of the experimental vaccines would protect people or not. “I’m, of course, excited that we are there and it has taken too long,” said Dr. Heinz Feldmann, the designer of the vaccine that is manufactured by Merck. 

But Feldmann and CDC director Robert Redfield know that some highly educated rebels are aware of these medical experiments and are ready to fight the very corrupt regime. At the same time, these rebels know damn well that Ebola can be used as a bioweapon because it was made by the German and US scientists.

Therefore, they are prepared to use this Ebola agent against the manufacturers and aren't interested any longer how far or where it will spread to.  Meanwhile, dozens of vaccinated health-care workers contracted Ebola and succumbed to the disease. 

And what happens to the collected blood samples? They are going to be used for another patent and develop a new experimental Ebola vaccine. Another problem with Merck is how to standardize randomized clinical trials. 

Therefore they need to enroll a large number of volunteers who may encounter the pathogen in their day-to-day life, and randomly assign some to be vaccinated. If researchers see more illness in the people who didn’t get the vaccine, it is considered to offer protection, and where do they get those volunteers? Exactly within DRC by paying a corrupt president called Joseph Kabila.

Moreover, a standard randomized clinical trial doesn’t work when a pathogen circulates as rarely as Ebola does. Within the 75 years since the first known Ebola outbreak in Crimea appears, only about 31,000 people are known to have been infected and most of those infections occurred in the West African outbreak of 2013-2016.

Our blog "Secrets of HIV-Aids And Ebola Facts Journal," has gained popularity in the past and present since blog officially launched on July 3, 2016, attracting many readers worldwide, including World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control.

With confidence we know that the US government, world leaders, politicians, and even Congolese rebels read from our blog, therefore, Ebola as a biological weapon against Africa is no more a secret. These are some of the reasons Trump couldn't visit Africa, instead, send his wife to do the trip. Trump is scared to death.

Readers shouldn't expect to read some of the information written on our blog from the mainstream media, but as intelligent readers, you need to ask: Why there is NO RECORD IN AMERICA’S HISTORY THAT TRUMP HAS BEEN TO AFRICA BEFORE, yet sent Melanie to Africa.

Within this warzone, fighter groups are aware of Ebola and how dangerous the virus is, as a biowarfare agent created by the United States of America, Russia, and Germany. In fact, all fighting group or terrorists know the purpose of Ebola virus and the damage it can cause. 

Ebola outbreaks have ranged over a terrain that spans thousands of miles from West Africa to Central Africa. And now Merck researchers could vaccinate thousands of people and follow them for years without seeing any disease in either the vaccine recipients or the control group.

Even testing during an outbreak was traditionally thought to be impossible. But the West African outbreak changed that thinking. At least they think that way but insiders know exactly the criminal behavior of the US government and the profitable pharmaceutical industry guided by many Nazi scientists.

In this situation, it is very easy to get an Ebola Fingerstick Test Approval for Emergency Use of Chembio Diagnostics DPP. Ebola Antigen System is authorized for use in Africa by FDA. Moreover, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that an emergency use authorization (EUA) has been issued for a rapid, single-use test for the detection of Ebola virus (Zaire ebolavirus).

This is the second Ebola rapid antigen fingerstick test available under EUA, but the first that uses a portable battery-operated reader can help provide clear diagnostic results outside of laboratories in areas where patients are likely to be treated.

CDC Ebola response teams, which often had to suspend crucial work, follow-up cases and isolation of people infected with the deadly virus because violence has intensified in recent weeks, including attacks by armed groups this weekend near the operations center in Beni, the urban epicenter in the province of North Kivu. 

Why do you think rebels are attacking them reading the aforementioned lines?

At this very moment, the Democratic Republic Congo is no more or less than a trial and error laboratory because western scientists are allowed by a corrupt president Joseph Kabila to collect blood samples for another FDA approved experimental vaccine.

Inside information tells us that United States Center for Disease Control scientific officials are working in Kinshasa over 1000 kilometers distance while the additional staff is working in neighboring countries.

A few Experienced Ebola experts from the CDC were removed from Beni at the end of August after an attack by an armed group according to a senior official of the United States Embassy in the Congo, against a Congolese military location along a road near where the team was traveling.

"Ensuring the safety of our staff is our top priority,” a US administration official said during a briefing for reporters in the White House. But he spoke on condition of anonymity because of the rules established by the White House. Washington is continuously monitoring the security situation but at this moment. it's just too dangerous," he said.

CDC Director Robert Redfield warns Ebola outbreak may not be containable

According to the aforementioned security concerns, the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, which killed a US ambassador was one of the main reasons to retract CDC personnel. And not only the American Ambassador who was killed but also three other Americans, according to public health experts familiar with the discussions about the deployment of US personnel.

After CDC director Robert Redfield raised the possibility that the Ebola outbreak had worsened so drastically, resulting in of 211 persons out of 339 victims and that it might not be under control until six more months. Meanwhile, Ebola appears in the Sudan and Uganda claiming its first victims.

The response to Ebola is a priority for the US government," said Tim Ziemer, a senior USAID official, at another briefing organized by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Ziemer had led global health security in the National Security Council but abandoned that position abruptly in May after the global health security team he supervised was dissolved under a reorganization of national security adviser John Bolton.

One of the biggest problems in controlling any outbreak, especially this one, is the inability of responders to identify and effectively track all contacts with Ebola patients. Without that ability, the disease continues to spread. 

Particularly worrisome in this outbreak is that 60 to 80 percent of newly confirmed cases have no known links to previous cases, which makes it virtually impossible for responders to track infections and stop transmission.

"That shows that their systems are not working, that they are not getting their arms around this outbreak," said J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president of CSIS.

At the CSIS briefing, the emergency response chief of the World Health Organization, speaking from Geneva, said the outbreak is expected to last six months longer, at best. Peter Salama also said that informal health clinics, which are not regulated and are often administered by traditional healers, may have spread the virus
in Beni.

Full Ebola protective outfit

Full Ebola protective outfit

The Ebola virus was first detected by the Russians in 1943 in Crimea and later by the Germans and US before 1967 and became known as Marburg Ebolavirus outbreak. About a decade later during the outbreak of the disease in Zaire (today's Democratic Republic of Congo), the virus was detected in Ebola River in 1976.

CDC director Robert Redfield

“I do think this is one of the challenges we’ll have to see, whether we’re able to contain, control and end the current outbreak with the current security situation, or do we move into the idea that this becomes more of an endemic Ebola outbreak in this region, which we’ve never really confronted,” Redfield said.

Yes, Robert, if that happens, health-care responders may need to consider vaccinating broader populations and perhaps worldwide instead of the current strategy of vaccinating those who have been in contact with infected people. What a profitable Ebola disease isn't it Merck?

Finally, my advice to both Britain and America is "Smartness is a form of stupidity." Therefore, stop your clandestine crimes, change your foolish pride, and both of you will be free from the threat of terrorism, hurricane and fire almost everytime consuming America.

Because you can't deceive God by saying in Him you trust and continue committing such crimes against humanity, you'll definitely pay for it in various different ways.