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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Health is money, therefore, vaccine-related deaths and injury are ignored

Health is money, therefore, vaccine-related deaths and injury are ignored

David Denton Davis, a former Emergency Physician, claims neither our Centers for Disease Control (CDC) nor our Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has requested help from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in identifying illnesses and deaths occurring hours, days and weeks following childhood vaccinations.

In his recently published book Who Can Parents Trust? Vaccines: Avoidable and Unsafe, he claims the vast majority of serious vaccine-related illnesses coming into Emergency rooms will continue to go unrecognized unless nurses and physicians ask the “last vaccination date” (LVD).

Davis believes during the past thirty years several million serious Adverse Events (AE’s), including deaths presenting nationwide to more than 5,000 Emergency rooms have never been recognized, documented or submitted for investigation, in accordance with our National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). 

All suspicions of a vaccine-related adverse event are required by law to be submitted using our Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Sadly, Davis goes on, very few Emergency Physicians or Nurses have received any NCVIA or VAERS education. As a charter member of ACEP, Dr. Davis served on the Board of Directors during the creation of Emergency Medicine (EM) as a specialty. He admits his own reporting failures were due to a lack of vaccine education.

Dr. Davis states he is concerned many pediatricians know, but are not reporting illnesses following vaccinations, for financial reasons. Although neither makers nor physicians are liable for vaccine damage, the ultimate truth for safety was made contingent on investigating physician, parent or third party VAERS submissions.

With only a very small percentage being reported, no one can honestly say vaccines are safe. At a time when our vaccine industry is rolling out newer and, perhaps, more dangerous products, he believes it is time to call a temporary halt.

He claims the millions of missing VAERS submissions may still be found, perhaps hidden, in insurance company files. He carefully and skillfully points out doctors who choose to ignore previously reported mild vaccine reactions, such as a fever, may be deemed liable for more severe events following future injections.

In addition to pointing to ACEP and insurance company reporting failures, he adamantly questions the morals and ethics of physicians conducting vaccine studies on extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s).

Davis repeatedly questions how many more NICU infants need to be injured attempting to prove vaccines have no adverse consequences? He asks what has happened to those who have been injured.

A Supreme Court Justice has stated vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Based upon failures to report and evidence from NICU’s, Dr. Davis’ opinion dramatically differs.

His focus is on aluminum, a nervous system poison, which is present in most vaccines. Studies throughout the world are attributing injected aluminum to sudden death and long-term neurological disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

No parent should consent and no doctor, under any circumstance, should continue ordering this avoidably unsafe metal being injected into newborns, infants, children, or soon-to-be teenagers. Davis does not expect help coming from insurance companies, even those federally funded for our medically indigent and elderly.

If they intended to comply with our childhood vaccine injury law they would have done so long before now. Therefore, he intends to pursue an ACEP resolution supporting vaccine injury education and VAERS submissions at their meeting in San Diego this year.

Bernadette Pajer of Informed Choice Washington

Bernadette Pajer of Informed Choice Washington gave the WA Board of Health a lashing for its complicity in the vaccine industry's plan to force vaccinate every man, woman, and child on this planet.


Michelle Roberts and every single immunization program head in every single state has a mission to remove our human right to medical choice, to silence the very real risks and limitations of vaccines, and they are doing so with the full support, collaboration and education of Pfizer and Merck and Glaxo Smith Kline and others who were all there at the conference in June. And we all know about Pfizer's former CEO Peter Rost's confession.

Which substances are still to be found in Vaccines?

These substances are listed on the internet as ingredients of the vaccinations. They are rather scary substances. This information comes from the website of Doctor Mercola from America and is available on the Internet in English. The translation may contain a linguistic error here and there: but it is also clear.

The discussion is not so much about or against vaccination, but about the fact that these fillers or additives are not correct and that the production of the vaccine is very opaque and can not be seen by an outsider.

LIST of the VACCINE ingredients

aluminum hydroxide
aluminum phosphate
ammonium sulfate
amphotericin B
animal tissues: blood from pigs, horse blood, rabbit brains,
kidney of the dog, aapen,
chicken embryos, eggs, chicken, duck egg
calves (cattle) serum
fetal bovine serum

Related topics

human diploid cells (derived from human fetal tissue)
hydrolyzed gelatin
monosodium glutamate (MSG)
neomycin sulfate
phenol red indicator
phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
potassium diphosphate
potassium monophosphate
polymyxin B
polysorbate 20
polysorbate 80
pigs (porcine) pancreatic casein hydrolyzate
residual MRC5 proteins
thimerosal (mercury)
tri (n) butyl phosphate,
VERO cells, a continuous line of cells from Apen Kidneys
washed red blood cells from sheep

This information is available on the Internet at America

or: in the Netherlands

These additives are given without public knowledge or permission. Merck, the sample pharmaceutical giant in the US, produces the vast majority of vaccine supplies and this company is protected from prosecution by federal laws drawn up by the former Bush administration. In other words; no one is liable if something goes wrong and we do not know exactly what is in it.

Analysis of vaccine fillers

1) aluminum (two variants) - directly related to Alzheimer's disease

2) ammonium sulfate - an inorganic chemical compound used, a fertilizer and "protein purifier"; known kidney and liver damage and can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction

3) amphotericin B - an "antifungal disinfectant", impairs the urinary tract, intestines, and cardiac functions

4) recycled animal tissue (multiple) - the building blocks of Mad Cow Disease

5) FORMALDEHYDE - used as "a preservative & disinfectant", known to cause cancer, chronic bronchitis, eye irritation when exposed to the body's immune system

6) MSG - now it is known that this substance can cause cancer in humans, and is also associated with Obesity

7) PHENOL - a highly toxic disinfectant and dye, is attributed damage to liver, kidneys, heart and airway damage

8) PHENOXYETHANOL (antifreeze) - proven extreme neurotoxic side effects

9) Thimerosal (mercury) - a neurotoxin linked to psychological, neurological and immunological problems. Nervous system damage, kidney disease, birth defects, dental problems, mood swings, mental changes, hallucinations, memory loss, nerve damage and the inability to concentrate can occur. 

Symptoms also include tremors, loss of skin sensitivity, slurred speech and, in rare cases, even death and paralysis. This additive alone was the catalyst for another recent Class Action Lawsuit organized by mothers of children born with Autism and the many related behavioral disorders associated. 

Autism is now at levels of occurrence that have never been seen in history, 1 in 67. The average normal occurrence would be 1 in 20,000.

With the animal components, you go over species boundaries. The effect cannot be described in a rule, but the mad cow disease is mentioned as one of them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


P.W. Botha, Dr. 'Death Wouter Basson, and F.W. De Clerk are responsible for the death of thousands of South Africans

P.W. Botha, Dr. 'Death Wouter Basson, and F.W. De Clerk are responsible for the death of thousands of South Africans

The former Apartheid regime of South Africa appointed Dr. Wouter Basson, to develop a bacteriological weapon with the intention to kill or injure black people only, leaving white undisturbed. 

That is what scientist Daan Goosen has stated at the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission', which tries to expose the misdeeds of the Apartheid era.

Goosen describes the quest of a European scientist, who was said to know more about such a bacterium. The information about this scientist was delivered in 1983 or 1984, by the military attaché at the South African embassy in London.

After reading his scientific article, it appears that an 'anti-black weapon' could be a feasible project. Goosen had started the research commissioned by Wouter Basson, an army doctor who was involved in research into biological and chemical weapons. 

Goosen was then the head of Bassons' secret military research laboratory. He compared his research with Ronald Reagan's 'Star Wars' defense project, which was to install hypermodern anti-aircraft guns in space to thwart a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union and to guarantee world peace.

A selective destruction bacterium, which would only target blacks, described in the book “Aids and Ebola The Greatest Crime In Medical History” and on the blog “Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,” could also be used in South Africa to keep the white minority government in power and thus promote domestic stability.

The forensic police scientist, Lothar Neethling, stated that Basson also investigated the use of chemical weapons and even seized drugs against demonstrators. 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, founded in 1995, had heard many scientists, some of whom have been told about their work in a gift factory, where deadly substances were made in drinks or cigarettes that were then passed on to squadrons fighting anti-apartheid fighters. 

The regime would have considered poisoning the captured ANC leader Nelson Mandela. An attempt to poison anti-apartheid fighter Frank Chicane, a top advisor to former president Thabo Mbeki, failed. The culprits would have tried to work Chikane's underwear with a deadly substance.

Wouter Basson alias the Hitler's Joseph Mengele of South Africa

A court in Pretoria, South Africa, acquitted the cardiologist Wouter Basson of murder, conspiracy, fraud and drug trafficking. Basson, also called doctor dead, was in charge of the secret 'Project Coast' program during the apartheid regime, which developed chemical and biological weapons to preserve the 'white' minority regime.

Basson, alias the Mengele of South Africa is compared to the notorious Nazi camp doctor who carried out medical experiments on people in Auschwitz, had committed two hundred murders following the 46-point indictment. 

However, none of the points in the indictment have been proven beyond reasonable doubt, said Judge Willie Hartzenberg. "The suspect was not found guilty on all points," the magistrate said before a packed courtroom. 

Whites in the courtroom supporting 'Doctor death Wouter Basson' applauded after reading the verdict. And with that, the whites had won and the Negroes became second-class citizens in their own country.

During the thirty-month process, Basson has never denied having been part of the total program for the development of these weapons. He admitted, “having received unlimited resources from the then government to do what he thinks fit to do his job. I only followed orders.”

During the process, the lurid details of  'the Coast Project' came out. There were plans to give black taxi drivers poisoned beer and to spread cholera in a refugee camp. Witnesses also told about the development of chemical weapons, for the sole purpose of killing or sterilizing the black part of the population. 

Naked black men were tied to a tree at night and smeared with a poisonous gel. The next day it was checked if they were dead. When the experiment failed, the guinea pigs were put to death with an injection.

Of course, we did not talk about developing AIDS. Probably not, because that would immediately bring to light the real origin of AIDS and that was too compromising for the medical western world that Mbeki had so heavily attacked about his AIDS policy. 

After all, they, the Western medics, would then be found guilty for the development of AIDS and with that, the story about that conscious monkey spreading AIDS would have been denied.

Among the scientists who asked the Truth Commission for amnesty for their misdeeds is the bacteriologist Dr. Mike Odendaal and his colleague Schalk van Rensburg, who worked for the Roodeplaat Research Laboratory established in 1985, founded Roodeplaat Research Laboratory. 

This company was the hub of all chemical projects for the South African army. The pair revealed before the committee in Cape Town that at Roodeplaat, cultures were produced from deadly bacteria such as cholera, anthrax, salmonella, and botulism. 

Van Rensburg who was that time an internationally renowned scientist who was attached to the South African Medical Research Council, stated that he had heard his chief Wouter Basson say that the cholera cultures could be used to suppress domestic riots. In fact, contamination in rebellious black neighborhoods was sufficient.

Doctor Johan Koekemoer, former professor of organic chemistry at the Rand African University, confirmed that story with the words:

'My company has produced no less than a thousand kilos of XTC and 250 kilos of Mandrax. I think the idea is to use the stuff in black neighborhoods to defuse rioters. Nelson Mandela was also on the army list.

According to spokespersons of the South African white government, it remained a never-implemented idea, like most projects of those crazy scientists. And P.W. Botha and F.W. de Klerk maintain to this day that they knew nothing about it and label it all as a conspiracy theory (they do), a theory that evokes associations with Nazi Germany and Iraq's Saddam Hussein. 

In meanwhile the entire African continent know Aids and Ebola were man-made except scientists like Dutch virologist Ab Osterhaus because he still is convinced Aids is caused by eating monkeys despite the confessions of scientists like Wouter Basson and Joseph Mengele.

"Smartness is a form of stupidity indeed."

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Does the Noble Peace Prize often award to the wrong people?

Does the Noble Peace Prize often award to the wrong people?

This phenomenon is increasing, as non-Jewish people received 86% of Nobel Prize awarded between 1900 and 1950, 71% of those awarded between 1950 and 2000, and 68% of those awarded between 2000 and 2007.

As non-Jewish people make up 99.8% of the world population, this would mean that the intelligence genes inherited by non-Jewish people are 235 times weaker than those inherited by Jewish people, all chances of being equal.

Since 2005, renowned US scientists have attributed the resetting in intellectual fields experienced by non-Jewish people behind Ashkenazi Jewish people having obliged to pursue banking activities since AD 800 and having been forced to develop special intelligence as a result.

Their professional success was accordingly due to spontaneous mutations in the genes responsible for intelligence. In contrast, intelligence would have been a disadvantage in the work carried out by non-Jewish people, for example, farming and fighting.

The most successful Jewish bankers had particularly large numbers of children, and therefore, passed on their intelligence genes more frequently. However, these new intelligence genes were associated with metabolic changes.

This is why disorders such as Tay-Sachs disease, Gaucher disease, and cervical dystonia are particularly wide-spread among Ashkenazi Jewish people. 

This and similar articles were mentioned by numerous renowned scientific journals, the New York Times, the Economist, Allgemeine Judish Zeitung, and Thilo Sarrazin on several occasions without being contradicted, they even met with a positive response.

This article is not applicable to historical, molecular genetic, demographic, and sociological viewpoints. 

Nobel Prizes, for example, are awarded by the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden. 90% of Sweden's industrial assets are controlled by banks that are in turn controlled by the Jewish Wallenberg Family. "He who plays the piper calls the tune," as the popular saying goes.

One percent of the world population will soon possess more of the world's wealth than the remaining 99%. 

The millennia-long suppression of non-Kohen/non-Levite Jewry, the 1,700-year suppression of non-Papal Catholics, the thousand-year suppression of the non-aristocratic European population, the hundreds of millions of murders and enslavement of people in America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, have nothing to do with an intelligence less than that of the kohens, popes, aristocrats or Europeans.

Therefore, what's stopping the non-Jewish people from developing their strengths?

Culled from Dr. Wolff Geisler's English edition of 'The Jubilee Murders.'