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Monday, August 10, 2020

The Coronavirus Tells The Younger Generation What A Biological Weapon Is

The coronavirus from China is a biological weapon to tell America, whatever you can do, we can do it better

The coronavirus from China is a biological weapon to tell America, whatever you can do, we can do it better

The coronavirus which originates from China to hit the world last year December has decimated the world in such a manner that there are no words to describe it, yet there are many lies associated with this deadly virus than the truth.

We, the writers of this genuine health blog feel very sorry for the pain many families have been through since the outbreak of the disease. 

On July 3, 2016, when we launched this health blog to give ample information on biological weapons and expose the lies and deceptions of the US government, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control, many thought we don't know what we are talking about.

We provided the best medical information one can never find on any health website, yet nobody gave us any support. Many ignored us, following the fake medical news provided by the mainstream media, including CNN, BBC, and other news channels.

If people had taken our blog a bit seriously, they would have known what is a biological weapon after HIV-Aids and Ebola, to be extremely careful when it comes to health issues. Today, the coronavirus will let those who have no experience of what a biological weapon is to fully understand.

Advanced countries leaders can't speak about the biological weapon crimes committed by the US government because it's only the third world countries that suffer. However, since when the rain falls, it doesn't fall on one man's house, we are all suffering from the coronavirus today.

Film actors want their businesses to flourish and celebrities, including musicians, aren't interested to speak about the crimes of the US government, rather many threatened to leave America if Trump becomes the next president after Obama.

Trump won the elections but the question is how many celebrities that said they will the country left? That is the nature of typical Americans, they waste their time pursuing things that are unnecessary and leave the most pressing issues unsolved.

When HIV-Aids biological weapons descended on Africans, before spreading to the four corners of the world, the media, and many Americans, including scientists, supported the lies of the World Health Organization, the US government and the Centers for Disease Control that "monkeys brought from the Philippines were responsible for HIV-Aids."

When Ebola biological weapon first struck Congo in 1976, then later in 2014, hit West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, simultaneously, the same US government, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control said bats are responsible.

Lies, lies, lies everywhere and we wonder what these leaders teach their children at home if they have any. Since about 90% percent of Americans are interested in lies than the truth, the writers of this blog became enemies.

The US government thinks they have the power to intimidate, bully, and put fear in other governments. In fact, it's only African leaders I can say that fear American leaders but not leaders as Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, or Xi Jinping.

It's time for world leaders of developed countries, interested in committing crimes in the third world, to accept the fact that "whatever a man sows, the same he shall reap," therefore, they must think twice any time their demons tell them to commit a crime in poor countries.

It is likely that today's younger generation doesn't know what a biological weapon is, the coronavirus will, therefore, let them understand what is actually a biological weapon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Coronavirus Comes From The Chinese Army Laboratories- Says Virologist

The Coronavirus Comes From The Chinese Army Laboratories- Says Virologist

Virologist Li-Meng Jen

A Chinese virologist who has currently fled to the United States of America, claims the coronavirus comes from the Chinese Army Laboratories. 

This is what my co-writers of our genuine blog, 'Secrets of HIV-Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,' including Dutch scientist Johan van Dongen have said.

Chinese virologist Li-Meng Jen has stated that the new coronavirus causing the disease COVID-19 does not come from the Chinese city of Wu-chan, but was created in laboratories under the supervision of the local army.

In addition, according to Taiwan News, she stated that she had to flee to the USA for her own research activities. According to her, the World Health Organization know about it a long time ago. 

Her statement about the World Health Organization of knowing about the virus a long time ago supports the claims on our blog that the WHO is one of the most criminal health institutions in the world.

Li-Meng Jen claims to have been among the first scientists to study the outbreak in China. She believes that the new coronavirus did not originate naturally, and that China and the World Health Organization (WHO) knew of its existence long before the first cases were reported in Wuhan last December.

Last month, the scientist said on the pages of the Spanish daily El Mundo that she had received a strong warning to be careful not to cross the red line.


If she questioned the actions and principles of the Chinese government, she could find herself in trouble or even get lost forever. After this experience, she decided to go overseas.

In whatever situation or circumstances, as we have earlier published, the US government or any government can't hold China responsible for the mass slaughter of innocent people across the globe because world leaders sealed their lips when the US government murdered innocent victims with biological weapons such as HIV-Aids and Ebola.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Fight Against Coronavirus In Russia And The Future Of The Disease

The destructive impact of the coronavirus has put people in fear and anxiety

The destructive impact of the coronavirus has put people in fear and anxiety

Over the past day, Russia has 5475 new cases of coronavirus infection, of which 671 are in Moscow. At the same time, 8116 people were discharged, while 169 patients have succumbed to the disease.


Thus, out of 828 990 cases of COVID-19 registered in the country, 620 333 people recovered over the entire time, while 13 673 people so far a dead.


Since the beginning of the pandemic has made more than 27.5 million tests for the identification of coronavirus infection, with over More 260 thousand people remaining under medical supervision.


Like other countries, Russia has decided to lift the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. Even weddings which were banned on March 27, have been permitted with registrations to be carried out in the presence of relatives and other guests.


Recreation centers, summer cafes, fitness centers, and beaches have already reopened in the region. The local authorities have allowed the opening of cinemas and restaurants, with compulsory mouth masks and mandatory self-isolation for residents over 65 years old.


In another development, experts note that at the moment it is not known what the proportion of the population must undergo coronavirus infection in order to form herd immunity.


Some scientists believe that 60 to 80 percent of all people should be ill with COVID-19. Other experts cite smaller numbers.


However, this can occur if quarantine, restrictive measures, and compliance with social distancing are abandoned.


This approach, according to Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive- Director of the World Health Organization, contradicts the idea of ​​the need to control the spread of COVID-19.


The fact is that abandoning the fight against coronavirus would lead to a huge burden on the healthcare system, overcrowded hospitals and high mortality.


According to a WHO expert, COVID-19 will burn our society for a long time until herd immunity is developed.