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Monday, November 12, 2018


Workers demonstrating in Africa

Workers demonstrating in Africa

Every African worker needs better living conditions, healthcare facilities, education, welfare benefits, and good roads. It’s therefore, irrelevant for any African leader to say that Africa is poor, so they can’t provide its citizens' with such amenities or benefits.

Africa is not a poor continent.  It is greed, selfishness, and corruption which have made politicians rich, while the common people wallow in abject poverty. In Ghana, politicians and few people serving in the government institutions enjoy benefits, while the common Ghanaian has no access to any benefit, even though the politicians need their votes to occupy the office.

There are differences from country to country based on the government’s benefits to employees. The governments of Europe and America work very hard to give their citizens better medical care, education, welfare benefits and flexible transportation(whether poor or rich), while the story is the opposite in Africa.

In Europe and America, you don’t need to be rich before buying a car or a house. You don’t need to have money before going to the hospital. A laborer, a cleaner, or anyone in a low earning sector can still afford to buy a house, once your loan is granted by the bank. This makes life worth living even if you don’t earn high.

This is never possible in Africa, yet Africa has enough to put a smile on the face of everyone. 

No matter how angry I am with Belgium, over crimes they committed in Africa and the building of the statue of King Leopold II, after killing over ten million Africans, I will always praise them for the comfort and welfare benefits they give to both nationals and foreigners.

The O.C.M.W, a public center for social welfare', ensures a number of social services of the well-being of every citizen. Every municipality or city has its own social office that offers a wide range of services. The VDAB, one of the largest job assistance centers throughout Belgium, will assist you to find a job and give you training for a new job if you are not interested in your old work.

Due to poverty, abortions take place daily in Africa and in African countries it’s like being pregnant an abomination. Fear and the cost involved can kill the mother before the child is delivered.

In Belgium, pregnant women are not given only special attention and care but also financial assistance. Whether a national or foreigner, the government deposits over 900 Euros (free) into your account to help you take good care of the baby after delivery. 

When the baby arrives, the Belgium government will continue assisting the mother of the child with "Child's Monthly Allowance," until the child completes his education and finds work. The only African country with such care and welfare benefits for its citizens was Libya before the country was destroyed.

The Belgian government cares so much about its citizens to the extent that workers that use the bicycle to work are given allowance every three months in companies. Some employees are entitled to a free or reduced full year ticket to join the bus, train, and the tram. Please, Mr. African president, don’t tell me that Africa is too poor to treat their citizens in this special manner.

What makes Belgium education unique and superior throughout the whole world? For example, this may sound strange but it's the truth. You can't get any job in a big company as a cleaner if you haven't participated in a cleaning course. Millions are cleaners in Africa without certificates because the government or educational institutes think one doesn't need a certificate to be a cleaner. 

The problem in Africa is the leaders are selfish, greedy and corrupt and never take the plight of their citizens into consideration, the reason many Africans are living in terrible conditions. Africans don’t need to suffer because the continent has enough to feed and provide better services for its national but because of greed and corruption; the wealth has gone into the pockets of a few people.

Africans voters believe in voting because they are expecting a good government which will provide them with good and proper amenities, yet they often forget that they have their rights to boycott elections since governments don't care about them. Europe hasn't what Africa have, so if they can provide better care for their citizens why should Africans suffer?

When I completed secondary school, all efforts to join the Ghana army didn't work out for me. The good soldier, Colonel Eninful gave me the advice to further my education before joining the army. Later, I lost interest and left Ghana to Nigeria. My faith tells me that Colonel Eniful saved my life else I wouldn't be alive today. I will keep my aims of joining the army to myself.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


The Ghanaian President - Nana Akufo Addo

The Ghanaian President - Nana Akufo Addo

The fast growth of Africa’s population is a disturbing and worrisome issue to the developed world. Therefore, if African leaders don’t want any clandestine medical crime to take place on the continent, then they must seriously consider doing something about Africa’s high abnormal birth rate.

In 1960, 280 million people lived on the African continent, today it is over 1.2 billion, of which one billion is in sub-Saharan Africa, thus;  according to the United Nations’ estimates, in 2050, the population of the continent will be 2.5 billion people, and by the end of the century - 4.4 billion. This is more than the entire population of the planet in 1980.

So far, aid from Western countries to Africa has been limited to infrastructure projects and humanitarian supplies, but not enough attention has been paid to birth control. And since Africa’s overpopulation is causing a crisis in the developed world, then the European and American governments will find a solution to minimize or stop the crisis.

Unfortunately, the method they use is a crime. Even though the truth behind Africa’s depopulation with biological weapons such as Aids and Ebola has never been spoken, those responsible don’t show any remorse because African leaders aren’t ready to work on how to prevent population explosion in the continent.

Family planning or effective birth control has failed in Africa because that’s not a priority to African leaders. Even if contraceptives are distributed free of charge, it will take too much time and will not change the situation in the near future. Overpopulation is the main reasons African is experiencing political unrest, ethnic conflict, lack of fresh water, high prices of commodities, lack of proper healthcare and unemployment.

As a result of overpopulation in Africa, more and more African youths are rushing into Europe and America, creating an intractable refugee problem. The wrath of overpopulation in Africa has prompted people like Bill Gates, who is worried about global overpopulation than global warming to call for the depopulation of Africa to save Europe.

More and more scientists and political scientists in Europe are warning that the old continent will not be able to withstand the demographic pressure from Africa and the Middle East. What would happen in the year 2020, when over a million and a half refugees arrived in Europe? 

This is the biggest question yet to be answered and when persuasion fails, force is applied, therefore, guess, which force is going to be used to solve Africa’s overpopulation or prevent the influx of illegal immigrants or refugees?

This is the time for African leaders to implement compulsory family planning or birth control policy, to save the continent from the future unseen calamities, instead of encouraging procreation. 

One always starts something to inspire others to follow, I will, therefore, count on President Akufo Addo's government to show African leaders the way. One man, one wife, 2 children policy, or we follow the strict China birth control policy? God bless Ghana.

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Ebola health officials at work

Ebola health officials at work

The Malthusian concept states that depopulation is the need to control the species, namely humanity, which reproduces and consumes natural resources without restriction. This is the mantra of the new century, adopted by Marx in the distant past. 

The 16th outbreak of Ebola has occurred in the Congo, and, according to the World Health Organization estimates, up to 1,500 people were affected.  This is how they set the stage for the planned failure associated with this outbreak. 

The World Health Organization said on August 17, 2018, that at least 1,500 people were potentially exposed to the deadly Ebola virus in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where fear of local militias prevents humanitarian workers from reaching certain areas. 

However, it is expected that the number of infected will increase even more, and one cannot be sure that all the chains through which the virus spreads in the eastern part of the country affected by militia have been identified. The region, in particular, is controlled by the Allied Defense Forces — the Ugandan Islamist rebel group responsible for hundreds of civilian casualties over the past four years.

Now it sets the scenario: valiant doctors and humanitarian workers cannot cope with the flow and transmission of the disease because of these annoying Islamic rebels ... the police, to be precise. Also, do not forget to expect that “even more people will become infected!”

Over the past couple of years, there had been more than a few cases with thoughtful precautions for transporting Ebola-infected patients to the USA for treatment: ridiculous actions.

When these patients were here, did you think that Fort Detrick, Maryland, where the main US biological weapons research center is located, did not receive blood samples from these patients?

A few years ago, they resurrected frozen viruses in the Arctic region, despite the protests of many scientists who argued about the potential mortality of these viruses. Never mind. Biological war and all related research, treatment, testing and narcotic drugs (with the support of pharmaceutical companies) is a big business.

As for Ebola, in 1996, NOVA released a documentary entitled “Ebola: The Plague Fighters.” This graphic, but the well-made film shows the Ebola outbreak in Zaire in May 1995 and the almost non-existent medical conditions in the country, combined with ineffective actions of foreign doctors and aid workers.  

The same miserable, primitive conditions, lack of amenities and ineffective treatment exist today in the Congo, almost unchanged, as it was 20 years ago, as shown in this documentary.

 If the government is going to start it, the disease (in this case, Ebola) is still not as lethal as they need. Rest assured, they are all working to eliminate these "glitches" in order to follow the plan that was developed by Thomas Malthus. We see China conducting a laboratory surveillance experiment on surveillance: a general surveillance system that will be tested on its citizens and then accepted (and adapted) by other countries for use on its own citizens.

The conditions are ideal for this type of “laboratory experiment,” since China is a Communist-controlled country, and the technology is high enough to improve, as a society already meets the requirements and is under full state control. Such a “laboratory experiment” would not be feasible in African countries, where even electricity and running water are scarce.

However, for testing biological weapons, African countries (especially such as Congo and Zaire) are ideally suited to release created viruses and other artificial bio-weapons. Sounds far-fetched? 

Recall the tests with the Bacillus subtilis conducted by the US government to "check" the spread of microorganisms in civilian mass transit facilities such as the subway and buses just a few years ago. Recall all the times when the government tested nuclear and biological weapons on soldiers and civilians.

Africa is ideally placed to take on existing diseases and structure them for even greater mortality. When the time is right, quarantine may be ineffective and will allow passengers who are already infected to board the plane and spread the disease during the trip. Or they can simply transport the infected patient and allow the disease to escape from quarantine and controlled blockage.

If you doubt this potential, you only need to read about the appeals of Bill Gates and his beautiful wife, about depopulation as about the "correction" of the planet. 

Incidentally, this is the same Bill Gates, who (with a consortium of investment firms and technology start-ups) plans to place 500 satellites in orbit to provide real-time monitoring of every inch of the surface of the globe ... sometime next summer.

Ebola is a serious disease, but even more deadly and more serious is the group of people and monetary interests who want to form a global government. They have political connections, money, and alliances to effectively change all aspects of humanity and even to destroy it militarily. 

No disgusting action, they do not reject. Ironically, all these people ... all of them ... believe that depopulation is the only way to effectively implement this “utopian” global governance.

These oligarchs and inspectors view those who are not in their company as insects who need to be crushed, and at best make them slaves and servants. Depopulation is their goal, and the deadly disease will allow them to do it without suspicion. 

This Ebola outbreak is a “planned failure,” with locals as test subjects. The results of these experiments will eventually be used against unsuspecting humanity in order to achieve their ultimate goal, minus several billion lives or so.